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Facebook page created

We are pleased to announce that our holding company; Job Affair Ltd has recently launched a Facebook Fanpage. We would love you to join! Have a look by clicking here. If you have any questions, please let us know.
On the Fanpage, you will find;
Regular company updates Streaming of our Just4Medical JobsAutomatic Twitter updates. Go direct to Twitterand much much more...For Customer Services on Twitter, please click on this link

New Facebook page created

Job Affair

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JobSeeker tips when working with your Recruitment Agency

As the Managing Director of a highly successful, regional recruitment agency, I am often asked about how many applications I receive and the quality of those applications. If the following can be taken on board by just a few, it will make the life of jobseekers easier when working with their local Recruitment agency.

•Research local Recruitment agencies websites. Type in the search “ Recruitment Agencies in[enter place name] You will first of all notice that there are a lot of aggregator sites, then jobboards, then Recruitment Agency directories and the like. Keep looking and the Recruitment Agencies will start appearing. (They don’t spend as much time and money on getting the main search engines to find them) Check the website. Do they have jobs? Do they have a testimonial page? (How often is it updated?) Is there a contact us page.
•Prepare you CV, (a whole other blog entry here!) there is no excuse nowadays not to have a well laid out informative and eye catching CV. Look on the in… New Location Search announced announces new location search facility.

Derbyshire - April 2010

Leading online job advertiser Job Affair Ltd announces that its most recent jobsite development; has launched a “Location” search facility on their site.

Commenting on the recent development Managing Director of Job Affair Ltd Richard Johnson said “From a standing start to a well performing jobsite in under 2 months is an extraordinary accomplishment, we currently have around 2,000 live UK based Healthcare and Medical jobs from some of the biggest names in Healthcare recruitment within the UK. We are also generating a surprisingly high number of applications for such a new venture. As more jobs are getting posted onto the site it is important for us to be able to enhance our jobseeker experience, this new search facility will assist all professional healthcare jobseekers to find their ideal job so much quicker and easier. Currently performing very well within the searches ar…

Recruitment UK Group formed

New Google group listed, please join if you are involved in Recruitment in the UK.
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