JobSeeker tips when working with your Recruitment Agency

As the Managing Director of a highly successful, regional recruitment agency, I am often asked about how many applications I receive and the quality of those applications. If the following can be taken on board by just a few, it will make the life of jobseekers easier when working with their local Recruitment agency.

•Research local Recruitment agencies websites. Type in the search “ Recruitment Agencies in[enter place name] You will first of all notice that there are a lot of aggregator sites, then jobboards, then Recruitment Agency directories and the like. Keep looking and the Recruitment Agencies will start appearing. (They don’t spend as much time and money on getting the main search engines to find them) Check the website. Do they have jobs? Do they have a testimonial page? (How often is it updated?) Is there a contact us page.
•Prepare you CV, (a whole other blog entry here!) there is no excuse nowadays not to have a well laid out informative and eye catching CV. Look on the internet, it’s all there. Free of charge.
•Contact Recruitment agencies and listen carefully to their responses to you. Are they professional and knowledgeable? Do they listen to what you are looking for? Would you want them to work on your behalf? If the answer is yes, let them know that you will be sending in your CV and get a contact name for future reference.
•Send your CV when you say you will. Include a short cover note explaining who you have spoken to and a brief idea of the job that you are looking for. Where and approx what sort of salary you will be looking for. Follow up with a phone call (24 hours after sending it) ask about going in to see them and get registered. Be prepared to go in and see the various agencies.
•Arrive 5-10 minutes early. Dressed for an interview.
•Be prepared to answer questions, fill in forms, complete psychometric tests. Allow around I - 2 hours per visit. Some Recruitment agencies may ask you to make a short video of your interview with them.
•Have an idea of what you want to do in the future or with your career and tell your consultant. I meet many people that say “I don’t mind” What we as recruiters hear is “I don’t care”.
•Ask how they market their candidates. It’ll give you an idea of what to expect.
•Follow up call after one week and weekly thereafter. Ask what the market place is doing, more jobs less jobs. At this point Recruitment Consultants may want to get you off the phone – PERSEVERE!! You deserve to be listened too.
•If you can, pick up to 3 local recruitment agencies that you feel that you can work with and keep on at them (weekly)
•Send Recruitment agencies an up to date CV (if you have changed it)
•Don’t ever be rude. Plain good manners are expected from you as well as your recruitment consultant.
•Working with Recruitment agencies in the United Kingdom is totally free of charge for JobSeekers. Make us work for you!


  1. I am the Managing Director of a highly successful, regional recruitment agency.

    The quality of the applications that we receive in reply to our job postings is, to be honest, sub-standard.

    If job-hunters adopt just a few of the following pointers, it will help them establish a better relationship with recruiters.

  2. Prepare you CV

    Job-hunters check your spelling

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