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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Quick update

Wow, how time flies...:)
So, a quick update then.

Ba Recruitment - Going very strong, good level of repeat customers coming back to us recently. Fixed Fee Recruitment, is a great success; although I never realised how much "extra" work would be involved. I have taken heed of comments that I have enjoyed reading snippets from Greg Savage about not discounting your services - Right on Greg!

East Midlands Jobs - recently added the #JobMap element, getting some great feedback from clients and jobseekers alike. Category sponsorship now available, again great to give advetisers a little extra advertising boost :)

Just4Medical - This one keeps me amazed at the levels of user interactions, again have enhanced this site with #JobMap and category sponsorship.

Great British Jobs - I don't mean to big this one up sooo much but this is our new project and will be a little (read...a lot) different from many same ol, same ol jobsites. I am having to learn a lot of technical bits to allow us to do this site but it's all fun :o)

Please remember that the jobboard side of my business is completed with NO external funding. Everything is out there on the 'net for people like me (and you) to be able to deliver a top quality product that saves people time!