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What qualifies you to do that?

Last week marked an important step in my journey to create a viable business in the field of UK focused job boards, with the launching of the site being the first in a series of industry and UK geographically specific job boards.

So, what qualifies me to do this?

It’s a frightening question! I know, as it is usually the one I’m posing to the candidates that come and register with us at Ba Recruitment.

Well, I’ve been running my own recruitment business since 2000 and I need to ask the same question with this business, what qualifies me to do this?
I had been working in the accountancy field, mainly for hotels overseas for many years until I decided to change my “life options”. My son was born, (now nearly 13) I decided to give up work and look after him. I did this without too much hesitation, as I had never really enjoyed working in the corporate environment.
After about 3 years I started temping a few days a week to keep my brain up to speed (I have a great de…

An introduction

Hello and thank you for finding my blog here.
It's high time I started to document my education and learning and development within my businesses.
So, first of all an introduction. (

I am the Managing Director of Ba Recruitment, a Derbyshire based recruitment business for professional accounts and administration staff.
I am also the Managing Director of Job Affair Ltd, hosting a suite of UK based job boards.

The first trial for the jobboard business is ( this site was built with the idea of allowing employers only to post up their jobs in the local area. is the vehicle that I have created to set-up, develop and manage my portfolio of job related websites, examples of these working websites now include; an Employer only job advertising site and ( an exciting UK based job advertising platform for all m…