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Monday, 22 February 2010

What qualifies you to do that?

Last week marked an important step in my journey to create a viable business in the field of UK focused job boards, with the launching of the site being the first in a series of industry and UK geographically specific job boards.

So, what qualifies me to do this?

It’s a frightening question! I know, as it is usually the one I’m posing to the candidates that come and register with us at Ba Recruitment.

Well, I’ve been running my own recruitment business since 2000 and I need to ask the same question with this business, what qualifies me to do this?
I had been working in the accountancy field, mainly for hotels overseas for many years until I decided to change my “life options”. My son was born, (now nearly 13) I decided to give up work and look after him. I did this without too much hesitation, as I had never really enjoyed working in the corporate environment.
After about 3 years I started temping a few days a week to keep my brain up to speed (I have a great deal of empathy for mothers returning to work). Whilst I was temping I saw the invoices for me and was flabbergasted about the amount of mark-up being made and a thought struck me. I knew accounts and I have always been interested in business, it dawned on me, “I could do that!”
In 2000, the birth of my daughter offered a window of opportunity for me to be able to realise my goal. My partner started looking after the children whilst I had three months to prove my worth. With a steep learning curve, which saw me fluffing my way through many obstacles in the early days, I have created a business that is quality and process driven, I have learnt the importance of the self- appraisal. Although not a natural net worker, I have embraced social networking sites including Twitter and LinkedIn, which I have found suits me well. I have been able to create and maintain and prosper in my business by also building a team around me who are well educated supportive, and have passion for what they do.

So what qualifies me for the job ahead?

Well, as it was and still is with Ba Recruitment; Drive, enthusiasm, determination, energy, continual learning, stubbornness, being open to suggestions, getting the right team on board, being aware of costs, pride and inspiration.
There is a quote that I really love and also fits in well with the recruitment sector “Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself, whereas talent instantly recognises genius”

I understand that there is a long, difficult road ahead with the Job boards but knowing this is the case, makes me strive even harder than ever to keep my focus on delivering the best. That and the absolute self-belief that I can create and maintain a no-nonsense, direct service for both job advertisers and job seekers is what keeps me going.

Maybe it’s a good time to ask yourself “What qualifies you to do what you do?”

Monday, 15 February 2010

An introduction

Hello and thank you for finding my blog here.
It's high time I started to document my education and learning and development within my businesses.
So, first of all an introduction. (

I am the Managing Director of Ba Recruitment, a Derbyshire based recruitment business for professional accounts and administration staff.
I am also the Managing Director of Job Affair Ltd, hosting a suite of UK based job boards.

The first trial for the jobboard business is ( this site was built with the idea of allowing employers only to post up their jobs in the local area. is the vehicle that I have created to set-up, develop and manage my portfolio of job related websites, examples of these working websites now include; an Employer only job advertising site and ( an exciting UK based job advertising platform for all manner of Medical jobs in the UK.

There at least I've made myself accessible.