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3 Birthdays this year; 1, 10 and 45 - Hurray!

Imagine the scene, a crisp chilly spring morning on 17th March 2009. The banks have recently disclosed their nasty secrets and the country is bleeding jobs like back in the 70’s. There is a feeling of doom, gloom and total hesitation. A business limbo as I seem to remember.

I’d recently invested in new premises but I had to half my workforce, which left my very faithful part-time administrator and me. Luckily, I had treated my clients well over the last 10 years (Birthday No 3, April 19th 2000(another story)) and they, in turn, were being fantastic with me. I continued in business through 2009, mainly from the temporary market.

With ideas floating crazily around my mind and a little extra time on my hands I stumbled across Twitter.  I think it was Chris Moyles from Radio One that said that Stephen Fry was tweetting about his journey whilst in the Far East.. Sounded good to me!

I logged on. (Birthday No 2, 17th March 2009)

I picked the name @JobRich, I wanted something that would sum m…

A recent survey – Do Job Seekers want to see agency and employer jobs on East Midlands Jobs?

With my fledgling UK based Jobboard Empire being added to a few weeks ago with the successful launch of Just4Medical, I found myself looking back to my first venture, East Midlands Jobs. I had a few questions that I needed answering regarding the purpose of this Jobboard. Published in early 2008. I needed to know whether this Jobboard was fit for purpose.
Since its inception nearly two years ago I have been marketing the Jobboard as Employers Only and not allowing agencies to post their vacancies.
I’m glad to say that from the launch there has been many job postings on the site and from some high profile East Midlands based businesses, namely; Next, Punch Taverns, Harlon Laboratories to name a few, but not in the amount that I had been expecting.
Had I been wrong in wanting to create an Employers Only geographically specific Jobboard?
Well, with a fantastic source of information on my door-step, I asked my audience what they wanted.

Of the 541 registered* employers asked, 51% said tha…