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Friday, 31 December 2010

2010 - A summary.

What the bloody hell was that all about?

Like most people in the UK, I have had an up and down year, by good fortune and perseverence (and some good luck) we have ended the year on a positive note.

I would like to extend my best wishes to anyone who has had the misfortune to lose their job during the past year. I know many people myself who have lost their jobs, retrained and have taken on a temporary role just to makes end meet. Some people that I have come into contact with have not had to have an interview in many years. This is a very tough time for all. Let's hope that 2011 brings you all a little more good fortune.

2010 marked my ten year anniversary with my Recruitment business Ba Recruitment and my first year in the UK JobBoard business.

With Ba Recruitment, we started the year on a note of optimism. I employed more staff thinking that we were immune to the economic cycle. The year started off positively and the permanent placements started to come in well. Around May / June I could see that the types of companies that we were in contact with just weren't recruiting in the numbers that we were used to. August and September (usually good times for the recruitment market) were not positive. We rapidly introduced various initiatives within the business and have been very pleased with the response to our unique Fixed Fee Recruitment option. Unique has I have intimate access to various UK based jobsites. The end of the year has again turned more positive with placements confirmed for the New Year. See what our Clients and Candidates think about our service here

Onto the jobsites.
I have been building up a sizable stable of UK job related domain names for many years now. Wondering how I can get them published and with what content (let's face it, unique content is king!)
I started the JobBoard business with our Medical Job Site. From day one, we had a great response with thousands of vacancies being advertised and many applications through the site. This gave me the enthusiasm to continue. Next came the publishing of our first geographical UK site with East Midlands Jobs. Here we introduced a fantastic bit of kit the #JobMap, a geotagging system for our jobs. Now extended to both sites.

Early in 2011, we will be introducing our most exciting venture yet. Great British Jobs. Can't say an awful lot about this but apart from it being a national JobBoard, we will be introducing features relating to Candidate Marketing and Social Media linking. The site will be run in conjunction with Great British CVs.
A very big thank you goes to my business partner and webmaster for continuing to build upgrade and maintain the sites

I'm sure that I'm not the only business owner in the UK that has found this year hard work. Hard work in finding jobs. Hard work in finding the best candidates for the jobs. Hard work in communicating with unsucessful candidates throughout the year. Hard work in keeping up with the applications (on average 22 applications per day, every day of the year) Hard work in getting up to speed with analysing the streams of figures that get pumped out of Google Analytics. Hard work in categorysing the many categories within the JobBoards.
However, I wouldn't change a thing. I love being my own boss. I love getting people jobs. I love sorting out personnel and recruitment issues with my clients. I love the potential that my JobBoard business has. I love being involved in recruitment.

My New Years resolution will be to make a supreme effort in 2011 to go the extra mile in getting people jobs that they are looking for and finding great candidates for my clients. I will listen to my customers on what they want from my JobBoards and deliver a great and cost effective service whilst keeping a tight reign on costs.
Have a great 2011 everyone. Let's hope it's a great one.