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2010 - A summary.

What the bloody hell was that all about?

Like most people in the UK, I have had an up and down year, by good fortune and perseverence (and some good luck) we have ended the year on a positive note.

I would like to extend my best wishes to anyone who has had the misfortune to lose their job during the past year. I know many people myself who have lost their jobs, retrained and have taken on a temporary role just to makes end meet. Some people that I have come into contact with have not had to have an interview in many years. This is a very tough time for all. Let's hope that 2011 brings you all a little more good fortune.

2010 marked my ten year anniversary with my Recruitment business Ba Recruitment and my first year in the UK JobBoard business.

With Ba Recruitment, we started the year on a note of optimism. I employed more staff thinking that we were immune to the economic cycle. The year started off positively and the permanent placements started to come in well. Around May / Ju…