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Friday, 28 January 2011

Experiment into long URLs

Lot's of my time is spent optimising my jobsites.
I would consider myself as raw talent when it comes to SEO and optimization of sites in general but I seem to spend an lot of time tweeking and updating the various sites.

I thought it was time to have a look at my Accountancy Recruitment website and see what I could do to enhance its search results.
So the test is; creating long URLs for my job postings from short non descriptive ones.
My job URLs used to look something like this; which doesn't really tell Google or any other search engine anything much.
We are now trailling this type of URL Hopefully a lot more creative and user friendly.

So, before the experiement my main search results (from Google) went like like;
Purchase Ledger Clerk jobs in Derbyshire (search result No 48)
Credit Control jobs in Derbyshire (search result No 56)
Accountant Jobs in Derbyshire (search result No 6)
Accountancy Recruitment Agency in Derbyshire (search result No 112)
Fixed Fee Recruitment East Midlands (search result No 1)
(I'm a little biased as to what I search for. Do you have any other ideas for me)

I will leave the new URLs in for one month and update this page then.
Wish me luck :)