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Feedback on my long URL experiment

I recently wrote a post about organising my own SEO for Ba Recruitment
So, one month has gone past and I guess you are wondering "So, how has he done then?"

This information is hot of the press this morning, so as I'm writing this, I'm also pumping the information into Google and writing down the results. Here goes...

So, before the experiment my main search results (from Google) went like like;
Purchase Ledger Clerk jobs in Derbyshire (search result No 48) (New search result No 73)
Credit Control jobs in Derbyshire (search result No 56) (New search result No 14)
Accountant Jobs in Derbyshire (search result No 6) (New search result No 6)
Accountancy Recruitment Agency in Derbyshire (search result No 112) (New search result No 5)
Fixed Fee Recruitment East Midlands (search result No 1) (New search result No 1)
(Google sends me approx 50% of total search traffic)

So, what has this told me?

Well, for my Accountancy Recruitment Agency in Derbyshire and the search term

How to make your own Facebook Page tabs (free)

As some of you already know me, you'll know that I don't like to spend money willynilly!

As part of my "education" into the jobboard / internet market I recently went looking for some ideas on how to jazz up my Facebook pages. I run 5 in total.

Naturally I went onto Twitter and asked the question "Who knows where I can get free pages for my Facebook account" along with many suggestions I decided to investigate the one mentioned by Bill Boorman
Well, thanks to Bill who suggested Pagemodo 

Remember! I'm not a web developer, I'm a recruiter, so all this html code and tags (and ting) doesn't wash with me. I needed something that even I could fathom out.
I decided on a Welcome tab for our Great British Jobs mainly because we haven't yet pushed this page and the website is currently being finalised (soon people! Soon!)
I found pagemodo's login and sign up very straight forward.

If you opt for the free version there are some caveats. You will…