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My ten top reasons why applicants fail at the CV stage

In no particular order;

• No dates on employment history.
• Spelling errors.
• Poor school grades.
• Unexplained gaps in work history.
• Living outside of job “catchments” area with no explanation.
• Having no relevant experience for the job applied for.
• Too many colours or fonts.
• Delivered in unrecognizable format
• CVs delivered by post
• Recently completed a degree in an arts subject

I will not bore you with explaining each bullet point, suffice to say that without accurate clear information, delivered in a professional manner; your CV might be falling on recruiters desks and be immediately discarded.

If you need help with your CV, I can help. Get in touch via Ba Recruitment website.

My first LinkedIn poll, please answer

Just a quick poll, what with the FTSE languishing around the mid 5000 at present. So, where do you think it'll be by the end of the year?