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Friday, 27 May 2011

What is Empire Avenue?

It’s a game!
It’s a Social Media site!
It’s a waste of time!

There has been a lot of buzz over the last couple of months about this new Social Media site. You probably have a Facebook account, maybe a Facebook Page for your business, then there’s Twitter, LinkedIn, in fact so many social media sites are out there, it’s a wonder any of us get any commercial work done at all! @Jerry_Albright :)

I have heard that Empire Avenue is similar to Klout but with more bells and whistles.

But you have to ask yourself. What’s in it for me?

So! What’s it all about?
  • Login in with either Facebook Login or email address. This is great for me as I have two accounts. One for my Recruitment Business (BaRecruitment) and the other for me (JobRich)
  • Link your social media accounts. These include; Twitter, Facebook (Profile and Page) Flikr, YouTube and LinkedIn and Blogs.
  • Your active social media accounts count towards your share price. 
  • You start off with 10,000 Eaves (their virtual currency)
  • You buy other people / businesses shares with your Eaves. When their share price increases so does your portfolio value.
  • You can buy luxury items, anything from a raft to a mansion. For each luxury item you are paid a daily dividend.
  • You can buy Influencer Advertsing space. 140 characters. You pay for how many times you want your advert to display (similar to the Facebook model) I have created a number of adverts to find out which is best. Viewers can Like or Dislike an advert and also click through to your profile.
  • You can buy extras with money also.
  • You are able to join community groups and interest groups.
  • When you have enough Eaves, you can start off your own personal Community Group. I have one for Recruitment UK, 7 members so far, so if you are looking to join, consider that one!
  • You are able to join Indexes, this is one of the parts I really like. There is an index for "Human Resources and Recruiting" So I set myself the goal of becoming CEO of the group. I thought: "More exposure, more people are going to click on my links and buy my shares BUT also they will check out my profile and click on some of my JobBoard links"  
  • At present I am the President, so only a little way to go (although Gene Leshinsky is hot on my heals! :)
  • The more involvement you put into the #EmpireAvenue site the more you are rewarded.
  • I have also gained an extra 17 Likes for my Facebook Page
What I do like about the site is the information you can get out of it. Not being a social media professional, I am always looking for guidance. Empire Avenue gives me that by way of the social media”scores” this tells me which platforms I am involved in and which areas may need more attention. 

I think that sites like #EmpireAvenue allow us all to have a level playing field to market our brands and services. I share the same spot as some of the big hitters in our industry (for how long, I’m not sure!) This type of exposure for me is very valuable.

So, with some big name brands getting involved also with the likes of Nokia, Google, Intel, AT&T, Leeds Metropolitan University, Utility Warehouse and many more, you have to ask yourself if it’s good enough for them…
It is fun! Social Media is meant to have an element of fun, isn't it?
Happy Investing
p.s. Buy my shares ! :) Empire Avenue-JobRich

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

5 Top Ti‘P’s to guide you through an interview

Find out all you can about the organisation by ringing for an informal discussion, surfing the web, requesting brochures, or ask your consultant at your recruitment agency for more information.

Dress smart. Make an effort!
Suits for both men and women are best and always SMILE!
You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Always be early and be sure you know how to get there.   
Always contact the interviewer/consultant if you are lost.

Asking questions is always an opportunity to impress.   
Predetermine a few questions and write them down to take into the interview.

Stay positive throughout. If you have any doubts, try to ask questions in a positive manner


Thursday, 5 May 2011

Facebook - How to “Like” other pages whilst using your page.

Have you ever had the situation where you want to like a company’s (or person's) Page but you don’t want that Page cluttering up your own personal News Feed stream?

Well, there is a way that you can interact with other Pages whilst being in your own (Company or Personal) Page.


Let me explain…

  1. Firstly, you will need to have administrator rights for your own Page.
  2. Log into
  3. At the top right of your screen click on the “Account” link, a drop down list appears.
  4. Click “Use Facebook as Page
  5. Decide which Page you would like to be.
  6. You'll now be able to interact with other pages as your page.
  7. Whe you Like a new Page, this Like (and it's News Stream) will only appear when you use that Page again.
I have a Page and I often like other businesses through it.

To revert back to your own profile, follow these points;

  1. At the top right of your screen click on the “Account” link, a drop down list appears.
  2. Just underneath your name, click on the link “Switch back to [your name]”

Hope that helps :)