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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A nearly end of year update

I have been so busy with various projects and really don't have any of the major updates I have been expecting (and to let you know about)
Perhaps (like they say in Dale Carnegie) I should salami up the issues and make them into smaller bite sized pieces. (I'll never learn)

So, as a little update...
Ba Recruitment - traditional recruitment has slowed a little in the lead up to Christmas. Derbyshire companies are still recruiting and our knowledge of the local accounts environment has certainly helped recently.

Job Affair - is currently undergoing a website revamp, about time too.

Just4Medical - We linked with another major jobboard and started to receive many 1,000's of new jobs onto the site (around 40k) Upon hindsight, we felt that the quality of the job listings was not in line with our site so after around 1 week, we decided to take them all off. We are currently advertising around 2k live jobs.

GreatBritishJobs - continues to make excellent progress. Listing around 4,500 live UK jobs. Our biggest obstacle here is how to market the great candidates that register and apply on our site. We think the idea is so simple in as much as we market candidates via our social media feeds and employers notice the updates, come back to the site and search the database. It is totally free to upload jobs on the site and to search our CV Database. I still think this is a simple but brilliant idea.

East Midlands Jobs - again continues to increase traffic numbers, we show good quality jobs. Lots more marketing on our part is needed here.

Project 98 -This is my pet project as we enter 2012. I have a plethora of job related UK domain names and have finally found a use for them. I will be creating a series of mini-jobsites that will be informative yet simple on the area concerned. Career In Accounts is the latest in the series.

Career Town - We have now started in earnest with the site graphics and database. When I went looking for link exchanges from other job related sites, I felt that the time involved was very costly. Not knowing if a site would accept my link, not knowing if that site would provide a reciprocal link back to one of my various sites. So we have come up with simple idea of having a free UK Recruitment Services Directory.

We aim to keep our operations simple and useable for everyone. We may not have the newest technology and the zippiest graphics but what we do provide an easy way to search and apply for UK jobs and recruitment information.