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Sunday, 12 February 2012


It's even easier to get a  Unique Facebook Page Name!
You now don't need a minimum of 25 Likes to claim your vanity URL!
Being an avid Social Media user, I recently found out that creating a Facebook Page and Name has gotten a lot easier.
We have recently published our UK Accountancy Jobs site and wanted to  make sure that we had an appropriate Career In Accounts Facebook Page
There are many reasons why you would want a Facebook Page, all of which I shan't go into here!
Step by step;
  • Log into Facebook as you normally would.
  • Go to this page on Create Facebook Page
  • Choose a relevant category and fill in the basics of your Page.
  • Click save.
  • Go to this page on Facebook Username
  • Choose your Username
  • Check Availability
  • And you're away!! :)
  • Remember to update your Facebook Page after this, filling in all relevant information and linking your other social media accounts.


  1. I have also recently done this for a new page. I agree its very simple now!

  2. Good trick or good find. Now, I can remove all those annoying long digits :)

  3. That is good info, Rich. I had to use the process of recruiting 25 likes a long time ago. Now approaching 200.

  4. Didn't know they lifted the follow requirement/ Good to know

  5. strange as now the button doesn't allow you to push it

  6. That was very easy tutorial, thanks!

  7. Thanks for this. I am helping my Mom set up a page for her business and this info helped a lot. Thanks :)

  8. wow, thats pretty kewl

  9. one thing people who run their own business often forget after making their page is to go back to the employment section in their profile and update their employer to be their facebook page rather than a stub entry

  10. I think this has changed as when I do it on a few pages with only 6 likes, it doesnt allow you to select the button...tried in 3 browsers as well.