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How to write a Great Job Description

Help and advice on writing the perfect job advert.

No matter what our economy is doing, good candidates are always at a premium, so to find that perfect candidate you must design your advert in such a way that you are selling your company to the candidates.

To maximise your success rate, follow the Ba Recruitment guide to writing the perfect advert.

If you opt for our unique Fixed Fee Recruitment option, when you post your advert online we will always give you feedback about how you could possibly enhance it to attract the right candidates. We will also apply the relevant keywords to the advert so that applicants are able to find your job easily and search engines are able to select your advert before others.

Here is a quick guide to get you going!

Remember that you need to include as much relevant information as possible to attract your target audience; this means company details, applicant criteria and job description.
You should include a salary band and any benefits such as compa…