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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

My recruitment year 2012

The only ones left in the Quality Street tin are the hard toffee ones.
The batteries have worn down and the helium slowly escaping from my Air Swimmer, it's slowly loosing the will to live, becoming shrivelled and tired.
Well, that was Christmas and the end of 2011. "Good riddance" I say.

What happened in 2011?

2011 was for me a Social Media year. It was the year where I found myself hopping from Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn. Trying to be everything to everyone (and not really doing any good at all) Commenting but not being heard. Retweeting till I was tweeted out. Reading so much that my eyes popped but not really taking anything in.
Empire Avenue had me in its grasp for a while. God! What a waste of time.

On the positive side, I now have a plethora of Social Media accounts. Take a look over to the right hand side of this page under "Creating direct encounters" for the list. I guess a good starting point for 2012.

So what's in store for me and recruitment in 2012?

These are my predictions for my businesses for 2012, so please feel free to comment (or shout or scream!)

Ba Recruitment
  • I will be more quality conscious on which assignments to take on.
  • I will get more temporary workers out on assignment.
  • I will become a better recruiter! Meaning that I will listen to my clients more. I will service them better than I have done over the past year. React quickly and find really good people.
  • I will leave the paperwork (which I love so much) and concentrate on the things that are important.
  • I will get more commitment from my clients.
  • I will make more profit.
Job Affair
  • I will give Employers a simple and effective way of attracting better and more qualified Jobseekers. I will give Jobseekers a simple method of searching and applying for their jobs. 
  • I will increase SEO and find more partners to advertise jobs with. 
  • I will come up with a better way to market the Great Jobseekers that register with our JobBoards, see GreatBritishCVs
  • I will generate more from advertising revenues than last year (which was our best to date)
  • Project 98, From a standing start in 2012, I will make sure that we capitalise on these sites. 
  • CareerTown will be published.
In general, I will allocate my time better between my two businesses. Giving the amount of time and attention that they both need so much.

I will spend less time on Social Media and more time servicing my customers.

I am in the very fortunate and I would think unique position in as much as I have more recruitment tools at my fingertips than the average recruiter.
I have a great Recruitment Agency and a successful JobBoard business. By combing the two, I have the tools to reach more jobseekers, generate the best applications and deliver the best service.

Here's to 2012. Let's get cracking!