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Small business boost from Facebook!

Facebook, today, announced that it'll be helping small businesses in the UK by giving them up to £80 in free advertising credits. What you need to participate:
A Facebook Page for your local small business[?]Your business must be based in the UK.Your page will need at least 50 fans [?]How it works:[?]
Get £20 in free adsif you have at least 50 fans on your PageGet £60 more in free adsif you add 100 more fans​ to your Page during the programApply here: Facebook Small Business Boost

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Hope it helps!

New Job Advertising features on Great British Jobs

Back in February 2012 I wrote about the new features on our UK Jobsites
Since then we have further improved our features for advertising partners yet again.

For a limited time (what shall we say? Till the end of May 2012?) We will be offering all advertisers FREE access to new features.

So what are the features?

Featured Job Listings. When you advertise your job on our site, you are now able to "Feature" that job. Have your Job stand out from the crowd by displaying it within our Featured Job box. We have proved that  Featured Job Listings gain more exposure than normal job postings.JobAffair Network We have now opened up our JobAffair Network for you to be able to cross post your job onto our other Networked JobSites. For example, post a medical job in Derbyshire onto our UK Medical Jobsite List the job as normal. But...wait for it...You are now able to cross post that one vacancy onto the following Jobsites;…