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Example of Interview Questions And Some Responses

At Ba Recruitment we want to give you the very best chance of securing the very best role for you. To increase your chances of receiving a job offer, you need to learn how to confidently and successfully respond to the questions you will be asked.
Listed here are 10 common questions with some comments as to the reasons they are asked and the responses expected. Remember, these responses are ONLY suggestions - do not use them if you feel uncomfortable about them, and try to individualise them, as many candidates will receive the same suggestions! Practise your own responses before interviews. Q: Tell me about yourself. The interviewer is really saying, "I want to hear you talk" A: This is an icebreaker but is a common question so your response can stay the same. Write a script; rehearse it so it sounds impromptu. Spend a maximum of 4 minutes to describe your qualifications, career history and your range of skills - emphasising those skills relevant to the job on offer. Q: …