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Ba Recruitment Ltd to cease trading

We have decided to cease the trading activities of Ba Recruitment Ltd
The effect will take place at the end of September 2012. If you feel that you have any claims please contact us by sending an email

Since the creation of Ba Recruitment Ltd in March 2000 we have enjoyed working with some of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire's greatest employers and jobseekers. We have grown up and been part of the careers of many budding accountants and administration professionals and indeed, helped them through their career paths.

You will still be able to enjoy the resources for both employers and jobseekers on our site.

How time flies.  Thank you Rich Johnson Managing Director

We will be concentrating our efforts on our successful internet advertising business Job Affair Ltd for all aspects of:

UK Job Advertising (free and premium)

National job advertising - Great British JobsRegional job advertising - East Midlands JobsUK accountancy job advertising - Career in AccountsUK healthcare and medical…

Are you applying for jobs with your old CV?

Guest blogger: Sue Edwards
Yesterday I had an email from someone asking me if I had any vacancies, attaching her CV. I couldn’t offer a job, however I felt I had to point out that her CV was extremely poor, so I offered a free review. The reply was “no thanks, I’ll use what I’ve got”.  She admitted it was an old CV, wasn’t up-to-date and that it could have been better, so it left me wondering why she sent it to me and what other jobs she had applied for.  It also prompted me to write the following article: I suspect many people when applying for a job will simply send the same CV that’s been on their computer for years, without checking that it’s up-to-date or contains any errors. My immediate thoughts are ‘why?….another wasted opportunity!’ Clients often say to me that they have sent their old CV with a job application while they are waiting for their new CV and my immediate reaction is “please don’t!” Simply sending what…

Interviews - Research before you go

Research Find out as much as possible about the company. The interviewer will rightly see your efforts as a sign of commitment. Make sure you obtain clear directions for the location of the interview - and plan your journey. When applying for a position through BA Recruitment, you will be given company brochures, job specification, web site details, advice and all relevant information relating to the position. Your CV Review your CV and make sure you have positive answers if the interviewer wants more detail on the information you have supplied. Job Description Read the job specification carefully and think of ways in which your experience would benefit the company and where the challenges would lie for you. Your Questions Prepare the questions that you want answered and ask them. After the interview is too late! Always ask open questions, e.g. those beginning: How? What? Which? Where? Why? When? Consider asking the following if not already covered: How will you assess my performance?…