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Monday, 29 October 2012

Recruitment agency for sale

Would you be interested in starting your own recruitment agency? 

I have run since 2000. 
I have now ceased trading due to family ill health. 

Historically, we have concentrated on accounts and admin positions within Derbyshire and north Nottinghamshire but it's easily expandable. The business comes with a fully customised and easy to use Access database of over 3,600 local accounts and admin jobseekers (not all current) and over 1,300 local companies, many with decision maker names, direct lines, email addresses etc. 

Website homepage Google PR 3 with many good quality internal pages. Approx 4,500 page views per month.
All pages are fully editable, this includes interactive pages on testimonials, jobs and the ability to host paid banners and articles.
The business comes with a Twitter account (1584 Followers)
Facebook Page (204 Likes)

If you are ready to start your own business, this will certainly be a great help to get you started. 

Get in touch via the site.

Thank you

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Brain tumour - what it means to me

This post is off subject...
My partner was very recently diagnosed with a brain tumour.

She had been suffering with bad migraines for around 6 weeks, the local GP gave her medications but some of these made her pass out. At one point when the paramedic was called she had a pulse of 30 per minute.

On Monday 24th September 2012 I went to pick up my kids from school, came back home and my partner was face down in the bathroom. I called the NHS new line 111 and spoke to an excellent nurse. The paramedic came after about 30 minutes. By this time my partner was up and about, very confused and not really herself. The paramedic was undecided about calling for an ambulance but was convinced after watching and testing her for about an hour. She was whisked away to the new hospital in Derby. They carried out tests and tests asking me about her alcohol and drug intake. No results there. One doctor mentioned that the only thing they hadn't tried was a CAT scan. 10 minutes later I was called in to see her doctor. "Mr Johnson, you partner has a lesion on her brain  we don't know what the lesion is yet but I strongly suggest that you contact her immediate family!" I thought "What the F#@k!"
They took her in an ambulance to another local hospital the Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham. I was asked to follow the ambulance in my car but they failed to tell me that they were going to be using their flashing lights and zip through all the red lights on the way there. I followed and was thinking that I was going to lose my partner.
Arriving at Nottingham at 3am, I saw my partner, she was very confused. The doctor came along and suggested that the lesion was a brain tumour and that they would be doing an MRI Scan first thing in the morning. I was asked to leave the hospital as I could not do anything for her. I travelled home feeling very alone and scared. No one had mentioned that there was a way forward, no one thought to tell me that there was after treatment. I was devastated.
Getting 2 hours sleep, I contacted all her family. Each and every call I made made me weep with grief. I wasn't handling this very well.
That afternoon I went to visit her and she was a little better. she had gone in for the MRI Scan but they couldn't use the results as she had been fidgeting. Another scan was planned for the following Friday. They had her on a course of steroids which was given to her to reduce the swelling in the brain. The swelling, it seemed, was the cause of the migraines. She slowly got better over the course of the week. She was starting to get quite a few visitors which was a welcome distraction.
Friday came and she went in for the MRI Scan, the results came back at 8.45pm, 15 minutes after visiting time was meant to end. The doctor told us that she had a brain tumour and they were to operate the following Monday. I left my partner that evening even more devastated than when I had initially bought her in.
On Saturday I wrote up my status on Facebook to let my friends, who I had not seen in a while, know the news. My partner is a Pagan and I copied a short healing prayer to accompany my post. The response was overwhelming, what strength I got from simple Comments and Likes, I am indebted to my friends!

The operation was planned for 2pm the following Monday as long as there were no hiccups with previous patients. It's strange that period just before a major operation, I was frightened but wanted to show strength.
They came to get her at 2.05pm.
We waited in the "quiet room" me and her mother. The doctor came to see us just after 7pm. The news was that they had removed most of the tumour but they had also had to remove a large part of her frontal lobe, I had flash backs of "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest". The doctor said that the operation was successful and that he wanted to see her eating and drinking within 24 hours. "Can we see her" we asked with trepidation. "Of course" said the doctor. After 15 minutes of fretful waiting we went to see her. She was smiling and asked for a drink of water. I was amazed to see that she appeared fine.
We went back in to see her the next day and there was a lot of swelling down one side of her face and her eye was shut tight. She was talking and completing all the tests instructed of her by the nurses.
Over the course of the week she improved dramatically.

I bought her home last night. It is now Sunday 7th October.

There will be after treatment, not sure what kind yet. Some sort of chemo or radio therapy. It's been a mad 2 weeks. I am so happy that I was able to bring my partner back home. This has truly been a life changing period in our lives.