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Richard III The King in the Car Park

I was a dullard at school, you know?
"Needs to pay more attention"
"Has the potential but doesn't apply himself"

I've not changed but sometimes I get an interest in something and I become very enthusiastic about it. I'm an Aquarian don't you know?

I was watching Channel 4's program last night about King Richard III and was totally engrossed. Some of my distant learnings came back to me. I remember hearing the story of the two princes in the Tower of London who seemed to disappear, the disfigured King and then I lost interest...

...but last night's program had me hooked so I thought I'd investigate further.

Insert [brief history of Richard III]
...It seems that in August 2012 a team of Leicester University archaeologists thought (not been able to discover why yet) that they would dig up part of a council car park and do what archaeologists do. They discovered buildings related to the church. They quickly found some bones and d…

The brief history of the humble Piggy Bank

Earthenware has been used for centuries to make make jars, which people sometimes stored money in. These were called ‘pig jars’ for obvious reasons. It wasn't until the 18th century that the term ‘pig bank’ was used.

Possibly the first use of a jar for storing money in came from 2nd century Greece, where jars were made with slits in to stop people stealing the money kept inside them. One discovered recently was box-shaped and had a drawing of a temple carved on the side.
What is thought to be the first pig-shaped money box was the one featured in the picture, a 15th century Javan piggy bank, now featured in the National Museum of Indonesia in Jakarta.
Now though, piggy banks come in all shapes and sizes, to ones so realistic as to give the impression of a small pig poking its nose out of a blanket, to one where a cat peeks out of a box and slides the money off a pressure pad.