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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

How to feed your jobs to Twitter

In this post, I will explain to you how to feed your jobs through to Twitter. In fact, not just jobs but any RSS feed. That could be news, articles, updates and the like.

I will refer to Great British Jobs jobsite as an example.

First of all, what is an RSS Feed?
RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It allows you to see jobs, news feeds or information in real time, from sites that provide RSS as an option. A discrete window appears on your desktop, a bit like a messenger window, to let you know that a job has been advertised. You then click on the link in the window to go straight to the site to view the job. RSS readers are freely available for download from the internet as shareware. There are many different providers and does not recommend any particular reader. 

You will need;

1. Go to Twitterfeed, either log in or create an account, I have noticed recently that the site takes a little while to load. But when you have over 8 million feeds I guess it's to be expected.

How to feed your jobs to Twitter
2. Click on the Create New Feed
3. A new screen opens
How to feed your jobs to Twitter
4. Give your Feed a name. I have a number of Feeds going through to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn so it's a good idea to make the Feed Name self explanatory.
5. Import your RSS Feed.
How to feed your jobs to Twitter
In this example I am using the RSS Feed for Great British Jobs. If you click on the RSS button you get a page that looks like this 
How to feed your jobs to Twitter
Lots of gobbledigook to you and I but that's the way to do it.
6. Copy what you can see in your address bar
How to feed your jobs to Twitter
7. And then paste it into Twitterfeed, just beneath Feed Name in the box titled Blog URL or RSS Feed URL (help)

8. When you have done that, click on the "test rss feed" button
How to feed your jobs to Twitter
9. If you have a working RSS Feed, you will get the message "Feed parsed OK" in green
How to feed your jobs to Twitter
10. For this example I will not be using the Advanced Options. The default options allow you to post 1 new update every 30 minutes. If you want to change these default settings, then you will have to play around a little.

11. Click on "Continue to Step 2" a new screen appears
How to feed your jobs to Twitter

12. Click on the Twitter Link, a new screen appears
How to feed your jobs to Twitter
13. This is where you need your Twitter account! Click on 2. Authenticate Twitter. This will take you back 
to Twitter where you will need to sign in. Once signed in the OAuth will automatically take you back to Twitterfeed.

14. Fill out the UTM Tags and / or Optional Tags or leave them as they are. These are mainly for Analytics but more information can be found here 

15. Click on the "Create service"
You're done!

It's very easy to go back into Twitterfeed and edit, update, add new feeds. When you have done one, you'll soon be back for more.

On a personal note, you should use the services of Twitterfeed to augment your Twitter account. There is nothing worse that getting streams and streams of jobs with no interaction.