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Swearpig - The Swear Box Piggy Bank - update

First, a pictorial history of our creation to date. 

Imagine, sat around my dinning room table; talking and carrying on ( as you do! ) and we decide to put a piece of paper of our little piggy bank covered in sellotape. We then wrote a word on the tape and tried to make everyone say the word. If they did they had to put some money into the piggy bank. I thought to myself "Hold on, there's a business here somewhere!" and duly registered the domain name. Not knowing what the business was or how to commercialise it, I left it on the back burner.
This was back in May 2008.
My circumstances changed in Sept 2012 and I stopped working full-time.
My home life settled down a little at the beginning of 2013 and I started looking for things to keep me out of trouble and I thought of swear pig.
I got hold of a designer to help me with the design of swearpig. She gave me 6 sketches to choose from and I put it out to the vote. I received a total of 127 votes from various social media platfor…