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Saturday, 11 November 2017

Domain names for sale

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Fancy starting up your own business?
Have your name already? Business idea? Maybe you are just looking for that perfect domain name?

We might be able to help you there...

Over the past few years I have been involved in job sites and recruitment businesses and have collected a whole host of work and job related domain names.

A few that I have and that have actual sites associated with them are;
Currently the Temp Pay website is connected to our job feed for temporary jobs in the UK.
This domain name would be perfect for a business that is involved in the following business sectors; Temporary pay, temporary workers, contractor pay and payroll. Payroll businesses and more.
Currently the Time To Pay website is connected to our job feed for Purchase Ledger jobs in the UK. Time to pay (Get it?)
This domain name would be perfect for any business that is involved in payments. This could be Purchase Ledger and Invoice Factor companies, debt collection agencies, HMRC related businesses and more.
Both the above named sites were a testimony to our endeavours into the crowd funding for musical artists. The site was almost ready but I think we lost a little focus on the way.
This domain would be great if you want a music related domain name.

Well, the above section of four domain names came about in around 2006 when I had this amazing idea of having jobseekers upload their visual resume and employers would pay an amount to search through candidates. This was before the days of YouTube gaining popularity and was quite ground breaking at the time. I had built a team of 6 professionals around me including a venture capitalist. We fell at the last hurdle when the web developer kept telling us that a few things weren't possible. I'm sure they were but hey ho!
Currently the website point to various job sites but as you can see from the names they cover job and interviews and the Web and views. Lots to choose from here.

Aren't these amazing domain names? hey also come with their very own logo. Within the cost! Currently they point to a couple of sites that have jobs on them. Some are up north and some of them...Guess? YES!! Down south.

Wow I hear you say! NO WAY! Yes way! I bought this domain back in 2008. After having the domain for some time I did approach the Association of Accounting Technicians but they didn't want it. It can be yours to generate a lot of AAT and general accounting interest. For the search term AATJobs we come up on the first page, check it out for yourself!

This, again, was from the days of me wanting to have all relevant accounting and job related domain names. A great name if you ask me! Costing has so many different angles. Costing jobs, overhead allocation, project costing, cost accountant jobs, job costing software and many more.

Another wonderful idea of a few years ago. I've had a few hey? Job Pack was going to be a CD based jobseeker step by step guide of how to get a job. With the relevant website with artucles and sections and of course a job search section. You know like having a pack with all job information in - Job Pack! Hahaha, how I laughed...
This little beauty come with it's own logo too..

Well, I do have a few more but that's it for now.
Get in touch via this email and send me an offer

Saturday, 9 September 2017

A new name in Stained Glass Garden Art - Spiroglass

I've recently come back from a trip to the Isle of Mann, sometimes referred to as IOM
One of the highlights of the IOM was the amazing countryside. Here are a couple of pictures to prove my point!
jobrich - Isle of mann - spiroglass featurejobrich - Isle of mann - spiroglass featurejobrich - Isle of mann - spiroglass feature

These pictures were taken from the period of November 2016 to January 2017.

I love the outdoors including a spot of gardening. This is where I was wondering if there was any way of making the garden more attractive for longer periods of time.

The Piano Man - Jo Cuffley
When I came back to Derbyshire a good friend of mine had an idea for a new business. Jo Cuffley is a stained glass artist based in Derbyshire. She goes around the country assisting people when they need a new stained glass window. She also gets involved in producing bespoke pieces of art, repairs and renovations.

The new venture is named Spiroglass and it's all about stained glass garden art based on the 1970's toy called Spirograph (remember it?)

As it's a brand new business we thought that the right market for it would be London. To date we have attended  couple of markets and the response has been great. We have added to the collection and will endevour to produce new products when the market is right.