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Stained Glass for Beginners workshop in London

Due to popular demand, Jo Cuffley from The Craft Studio Belper has just listed her most popular Stained Glass for Beginners workshop in London. Usually the workshops are held in Belper Derbyshire. This workshop is being held at DrinkShop&Do who are based at Kings Cross, London

Jo has been a stained glass artist for over 20 years and has been giving courses for both beginners and Intermediate students for the last 12 years.

The Stained Glass for Beginners course has the following listing;

Stained Glass for Beginners

Join us for a fun, rewarding and relaxing experience learning the basics of stained glass making.

During this 3 hour workshop, you will make TWO stunning stained glass light catchers 
to take home on the day.

You will learn the copper foil technique made famous by Louis Comfort Tiffany. Yes, exactly the same method used to make Tiffany lampshades!

You will start by choosing from a selection of coloured glass shapes already cut for you, then you will be shown how to apply cop…

Staffordshire Walks - Wetton to Thor's Cave

We decided to go on a walk to Thor's Cave in Staffordshire on Sunday 26th March.

The weather was lovely and sunny after a few weeks of having "The Beast from the East" visit us.

The first part of the walk, actually before the walk started was to do a little research. I looked through a number of sites and decided on one of them and dutifully downloaded the directions (what a waste of time!)

We set off from Derbyshire and headed for the car park at a place called Weag Bridge. I'm not sure if this was a spelling error but we found a small car park between Wetton and Grindon. There is a bridge there but the only writing near it was a sign that read Weak Bridge.

We headed out from the car park, keeping the River Manifold to our right, see picture.

Just before the bridge, look up to your right and you'll see Thor's Cave

At the bridge you'll see this sign which gives you a little history of the area.

This picture was taken on the bridge

If you keep walking up t…

RevitalU - Smart Rich Coffee - The results!

A friend of mine put me onto to this coffee. Boosts energy he said! Improves mental focus he said! Aids in weight loss he said! Well, for me the attraction was the "Improves mental focus" bit.

Following on from my recent post about sampling 3 FREE coffee samples from Revitalu I am happy to report my results.

I received my 3 FREE samples a few days after ordering. They come in a lovely presentation box and I really was quite excited!

I usually have a couple of cups of strong coffee to start my day but thought I would start off with one cup of RevitalU by itself on the first morning.

My first impression was that it has a really nice look about it once poured. A nice solid frothy foam and a strong but rich coffee aroma.

The taste? Surprising good! Full bodied with a delightful rich aroma. (black and no sugar for me)
Why do I say surprising? Let's face it, when I first heard about a coffee with all these added benefits, I was a little skeptical that this coffee could be tas…

RevitalU - Smart Rich Coffee

Believe me when I say that I'm a skeptic!

A coffee that states that it gives you a boost of energy, helps improve mental focus AND aids in weight loss!

For those of you that know me, you'll know that I don't really need to loose a lot of weight. On the other hand could this Smart Coffee help with my mental focus?

I enjoy my coffee don't get me wrong. Sometimes I have drunk so much in the morning that I'm shaking by 11am. Not really good for your body hey?! I felt that I was getting things done but to be honest all I did was run around like a fool! So if there is a coffee that can help with my mental focus without me becoming a jibbering wreck, I'm willing to give it a try.

The challenge I have set for myself is to sample the 3 FREE samples of RevitalU ( remember to change the country that you're visiting from in the top right corner) and report back here after 3 days.

So, perhaps ask yourself the same question! Could you do with a boost of energy? Could yo…