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How to make your own Facebook Page tabs (free)

As some of you already know me, you'll know that I don't like to spend money willynilly!

As part of my "education" into the jobboard / internet market I recently went looking for some ideas on how to jazz up my Facebook pages. I run 5 in total.

Naturally I went onto Twitter and asked the question "Who knows where I can get free pages for my Facebook account" along with many suggestions I decided to investigate the one mentioned by Bill Boorman
Well, thanks to Bill who suggested Pagemodo 

Remember! I'm not a web developer, I'm a recruiter, so all this html code and tags (and ting) doesn't wash with me. I needed something that even I could fathom out.
I decided on a Welcome tab for our Great British Jobs mainly because we haven't yet pushed this page and the website is currently being finalised (soon people! Soon!)
I found pagemodo's login and sign up very straight forward.

If you opt for the free version there are some caveats. You will…