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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

SwearPig - New website announced

It is with great pleasure that we would like to announce the launch of our new website for SwearPig and can you guess what the name is?

Drum roll...

Website Launch - SwearPig

Yes, I know! What an anticlimax...

Still, as part of our imminent launch we have created a Wordpress site that includes the story of our development from creating a piggy bank from scratch, through to organising the potters and completing the manufacturing process.

We have included a page dedicated to our launch and subsequent auction of a limited number of SwearPigs that will be hand painted some some of the best artists in the UK. These will be numbered and signed by the artists. There is still a way to go as I am due to pick up the moulds tomorrow from Stoke on Trent and deliver them to the potter near to Belper very soon.

If you would like to keep up to date regarding the launch and charity auction, please visit us at

Thank you

Friday, 25 October 2013

Swearpig - The Swear Box Piggy Bank - update

First, a pictorial history of our creation to date. 
swearpig - the swear box piggy bank
The finished model
swearpig - the swear box piggy bank
Front view
swearpig - the swear box piggy bank
The model maker - Neil - hard at work
swearpig - the swear box piggy bank
One of the initial 6 sketches

swearpig - the swear box piggy bank
Initially starting in foam (what an awful idea!)

swearpig - the swear box piggy bank
The Original SwearPig (We still have this)
Imagine, sat around my dinning room table; talking and carrying on ( as you do! ) and we decide to put a piece of paper of our little piggy bank covered in sellotape. We then wrote a word on the tape and tried to make everyone say the word. If they did they had to put some money into the piggy bank.
I thought to myself "Hold on, there's a business here somewhere!" and duly registered the domain name.
Not knowing what the business was or how to commercialise it, I left it on the back burner.

This was back in May 2008.

My circumstances changed in Sept 2012 and I stopped working full-time.

My home life settled down a little at the beginning of 2013 and I started looking for things to keep me out of trouble and I thought of swear pig.

I got hold of a designer to help me with the design of swearpig. She gave me 6 sketches to choose from and I put it out to the vote. I received a total of 127 votes from various social media platforms such as Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and even LinkedIn

I then started the task of deciding how to get the the piggy bank made. 

I started by buying some modelling clay but as I'm crap at modelling this didn't turn out well. I bought some foam for modelling with the same result. I visited some local potters here in Derbyshire and gleaned a lot of information. A couple of them said that they would be willing to make swearpig as long as I could give them a mould. 

I made contact with a very reputable ceramic model maker near to Stoke who gave me loads of info. Thanks Ed!

After lots of research and I mean LOTS I made contact with a company in Stoke on Trent to model the piggy bank for me. There is a whole process here from making the model 10% larger to allow for the contraction in the drying process, to casing the model to making the mould. 

Have I mentioned expense? In this line of work the set-up costs are high. Luckily I sold a few job related domain names and had the funding. 

Recently the model maker in Stoke on Trent made the model and the next stage will be the casing and the mould making.

I'll keep you posted.