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New website plugins for our Job Affair jobboards

I met with my developer this afternoon and he has showed me a recently completed project. I'm really excited about this (I get like that! LOL)
So we'd like to announce our jobboard plugin... Taadaa!!
Job Affair job plugins have now made it easy for you to access live, relevant  jobs onto your community site, job information site, website, blog and smart phone.
It's easy to modify the settings to show the most relevant content. That might be location, job category and even the colour to suit your own site.
So, why have done it? Well. We've been approached about this in the past for school and university associated sites, local community sites and personal blogs.
Click on the applicable icon below to see the simple step-by-step installation instructions.
Get our job plugin now for your East Midlands related site Get our job plugin now for your Great British related site
Get our job plugin now for your Medical and Healthcare related site