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Friday, 31 December 2010

2010 - A summary.

What the bloody hell was that all about?

Like most people in the UK, I have had an up and down year, by good fortune and perseverence (and some good luck) we have ended the year on a positive note.

I would like to extend my best wishes to anyone who has had the misfortune to lose their job during the past year. I know many people myself who have lost their jobs, retrained and have taken on a temporary role just to makes end meet. Some people that I have come into contact with have not had to have an interview in many years. This is a very tough time for all. Let's hope that 2011 brings you all a little more good fortune.

2010 marked my ten year anniversary with my Recruitment business Ba Recruitment and my first year in the UK JobBoard business.

With Ba Recruitment, we started the year on a note of optimism. I employed more staff thinking that we were immune to the economic cycle. The year started off positively and the permanent placements started to come in well. Around May / June I could see that the types of companies that we were in contact with just weren't recruiting in the numbers that we were used to. August and September (usually good times for the recruitment market) were not positive. We rapidly introduced various initiatives within the business and have been very pleased with the response to our unique Fixed Fee Recruitment option. Unique has I have intimate access to various UK based jobsites. The end of the year has again turned more positive with placements confirmed for the New Year. See what our Clients and Candidates think about our service here

Onto the jobsites.
I have been building up a sizable stable of UK job related domain names for many years now. Wondering how I can get them published and with what content (let's face it, unique content is king!)
I started the JobBoard business with our Medical Job Site. From day one, we had a great response with thousands of vacancies being advertised and many applications through the site. This gave me the enthusiasm to continue. Next came the publishing of our first geographical UK site with East Midlands Jobs. Here we introduced a fantastic bit of kit the #JobMap, a geotagging system for our jobs. Now extended to both sites.

Early in 2011, we will be introducing our most exciting venture yet. Great British Jobs. Can't say an awful lot about this but apart from it being a national JobBoard, we will be introducing features relating to Candidate Marketing and Social Media linking. The site will be run in conjunction with Great British CVs.
A very big thank you goes to my business partner and webmaster for continuing to build upgrade and maintain the sites

I'm sure that I'm not the only business owner in the UK that has found this year hard work. Hard work in finding jobs. Hard work in finding the best candidates for the jobs. Hard work in communicating with unsucessful candidates throughout the year. Hard work in keeping up with the applications (on average 22 applications per day, every day of the year) Hard work in getting up to speed with analysing the streams of figures that get pumped out of Google Analytics. Hard work in categorysing the many categories within the JobBoards.
However, I wouldn't change a thing. I love being my own boss. I love getting people jobs. I love sorting out personnel and recruitment issues with my clients. I love the potential that my JobBoard business has. I love being involved in recruitment.

My New Years resolution will be to make a supreme effort in 2011 to go the extra mile in getting people jobs that they are looking for and finding great candidates for my clients. I will listen to my customers on what they want from my JobBoards and deliver a great and cost effective service whilst keeping a tight reign on costs.
Have a great 2011 everyone. Let's hope it's a great one.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Quick update

Wow, how time flies...:)
So, a quick update then.

Ba Recruitment - Going very strong, good level of repeat customers coming back to us recently. Fixed Fee Recruitment, is a great success; although I never realised how much "extra" work would be involved. I have taken heed of comments that I have enjoyed reading snippets from Greg Savage about not discounting your services - Right on Greg!

East Midlands Jobs - recently added the #JobMap element, getting some great feedback from clients and jobseekers alike. Category sponsorship now available, again great to give advetisers a little extra advertising boost :)

Just4Medical - This one keeps me amazed at the levels of user interactions, again have enhanced this site with #JobMap and category sponsorship.

Great British Jobs - I don't mean to big this one up sooo much but this is our new project and will be a little (read...a lot) different from many same ol, same ol jobsites. I am having to learn a lot of technical bits to allow us to do this site but it's all fun :o)

Please remember that the jobboard side of my business is completed with NO external funding. Everything is out there on the 'net for people like me (and you) to be able to deliver a top quality product that saves people time!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Ask The Recruitment Consultant

To enhance our jobseeker services we have introduced a special feature on our Facebook page called #AskTheRecruitmentConsultant
We will be actively monitoring our Facebook account for an hour each morning between 10.30am and 11.30am Monday, Wednesday and Fridays to answer your questions regarding the job market in the Derbyshire, East Midlands area.
We have a lot of resources that we can help with; companies currently recruiting, websites that may be of interest, CV assistance and interview help.
Ask away :)

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

National Minimum Wage to increase from 1st October 2010

The National Minimum Wage (NMW) was first introduced to give
Employers a minimum hourly rate which Employees should expect to

However, although initially applicable to only a few age and
job groups, this has developed to now include workers under the age of
18 (no longer of compulsory school age) and those undertaking

Rates (Current)

£5.80 the main rate for workers aged 22 and over
£4.83 the 18 – 21 rate
£3.57 the 16-17 rate for workers above school leaving age but under 18
For those of compulsory school age, there is currently no specified NMW and some other employment rights are also different.

Rates (as of 1st October 2010)

£5.93 the rate for workers aged 21 and over
£4.92 the 18 – 21 rate
£3.64 the 16 – 17 rate
£2.50 the rate for apprenticeships who are either under 19 or in their first year of their apprenticeship

For more help and assistance get in touch here

Friday, 20 August 2010

Facebook and LinkedIn

To offer our clients, both jobseekers and employers better access to our services and opportunities we have enhanced our social media offerring to include a Facebook account and a LinkedIn account. Now you can access our services wherever you are browsing.  Our Twitter accounts are showing that more and more people are wishing to connect with us also. Currently on Twitter @JobRich 2557 followers, @BaRecruitment 323 followers, @JobsEastMids 1641 followers  and @UK_Medical_Jobs 736 followers. We have a number of other Twitter accounts with followers but these are for future projects with both Job Affair Ltd and Ba Recruitment. Watch this space.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Ba Recruitment and Fixed Fee Recruitment

Through our Recruitment agency (Ba Recruitment) we have decided to be innovative!

Our Employers are telling us that they want a great recruitment agency service but very few are willing to pay the costs involved, sometimes in the region of 30% of starting salary. (you can see why!)

So, with all the economic turmoil in the UK at present, we thought that we would jump the gun and offer more services to our Employers.

Introducing our Fixed Recruitment Fee model, incorporating our network of job sites.

Still lots to do but the end result will mean more informative job advertising for jobseekers, more filtering of CV's for our clients and more people getting the right type of job.

Friday, 28 May 2010

Just4Medical announces Medical Job Description page.

Medical Job Description page announced
Date: 05/28/2010

Just4Medical announces Medical Job Description page.

Derbyshire - May 2010

Leading online job advertiser Job Affair Ltd announces that its most recent jobsite development; Just4Medical has launched a Medical Job Description page on their site.

Commenting on the recent development Managing Director of Job Affair Ltd, Richard Johnson, explained “We are listening to our audience of medical professionals of both jobseekers, recruiters and employers and are introducing more user related content to assist all parties when looking for their next role. Jobseekers will be able to research medical jobs and employers will be able to use these resources for their job descriptions or as extra resource. This process will be ongoing as we are searching for the best and most relevant Medical Job Descriptions related to the UK market.
We currently advertise around 2,900 UK Medical related jobs, an increase of 45% compared to April 2010, from some of the biggest names in Medical and Healthcare recruitment within the UK. We continue to generate a high number of applications for such a new venture. It is important for us to be able to enhance our jobseeker / employer experience, this new resource will assist all professional Medical and Healthcare jobseekers to research their ideal job so much quicker and easier. 

About Just4Medical:

Just4Medical is a leading UK based online job advertising service specialising in advertising UK based medical jobs, positions, careers and medical related links; allowing professional Medical and Healthcare jobseekers a simple yet effective environment to apply for relevant jobs. Currently advertising 2,921 live jobs across 22 Medical and Healthcare sectors from 470 of the UK’s largest recruiters.

Additional information is available at and

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Our accounts on Twitter

Bringing you up to date with regards to our Twitter exposure, we have drafted a short list of our Twitter accounts and their purpose; - Complete customer services for Ba Recruitment Ltd and Job Affair Ltd. Plus news, views and comments from JobRich followers 2,514
· - Job listings from Recruiters in the East Midlands area from, followers 1,538
· - Job listings for Medical Jobs in the United Kingdom from, followers 663
·  – Job listings for Accounts and Administration jobs in Derbyshire and North Nottinghamshire from  – followers 140
·  - Job listings for our U.K. Accountancy jobsite (still in development) – followers 38

So, with a total of nearly 5,000 individual people following our jobs and comments, we would like to think that we are starting to have something for everyone. We have more Twitter accounts ready specifically for our jobboard business and will let you know as and when they become live.

If you know of anyone who is looking for a job in the United Kingdom, please pass on this list to them, thank you.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Ba Recruitment - announces new "Jobs by Email" service

BaRecruitment announces "Jobs by Email" facility.

Derbyshire - May 2010

Leading regional Accountancy and Administration recruitment business Ba Recruitment Ltd announces the launch of a "Jobs by Email" facility to allow Candidates to automatically receive Email alerts on relevant jobs in the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire areas.

Commenting on the recent development Managing Director of Ba Recruitment Ltd, Richard Johnson commented “We are very happy with our new offering and believe it will save a lot of time for both the active and passive Candidate. We have already received great feedback from local Candidates and Clients alike. We are constantly looking at ways of improving what we have to offer and this most recent service enhancement fits well with our job descriptions, local job listings, interview assistance and CV preparation.

About Ba Recruitment:
Ba Recruitment is the leading Accountancy and Administration recruitment business covering the Derbyshire and North Nottinghamshire markets. Operating since 2000 in these niche markets, servicing the local community, Ba Recruitment is constantly reviewing all services offered and would be happy to hear any feedback on any part of their services. Testimonials can be found here.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Facebook page created

We are pleased to announce that our holding company; Job Affair Ltd has recently launched a Facebook Fanpage. We would love you to join! Have a look by clicking here. If you have any questions, please let us know.
On the Fanpage, you will find;
  • Regular company updates
  • Streaming of our Just4Medical Jobs
  • Automatic Twitter updates. Go direct to Twitter
  • and much much more...
For Customer Services on Twitter, please click on this link

Thursday, 15 April 2010

New Facebook page created

Job Affair

Promote your Page too

We need some support! Join our new Facebook page, jobsite developments, general job information, CV assistance, Interview help,

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

JobSeeker tips when working with your Recruitment Agency

As the Managing Director of a highly successful, regional recruitment agency, I am often asked about how many applications I receive and the quality of those applications. If the following can be taken on board by just a few, it will make the life of jobseekers easier when working with their local Recruitment agency.

•Research local Recruitment agencies websites. Type in the search “ Recruitment Agencies in[enter place name] You will first of all notice that there are a lot of aggregator sites, then jobboards, then Recruitment Agency directories and the like. Keep looking and the Recruitment Agencies will start appearing. (They don’t spend as much time and money on getting the main search engines to find them) Check the website. Do they have jobs? Do they have a testimonial page? (How often is it updated?) Is there a contact us page.
•Prepare you CV, (a whole other blog entry here!) there is no excuse nowadays not to have a well laid out informative and eye catching CV. Look on the internet, it’s all there. Free of charge.
•Contact Recruitment agencies and listen carefully to their responses to you. Are they professional and knowledgeable? Do they listen to what you are looking for? Would you want them to work on your behalf? If the answer is yes, let them know that you will be sending in your CV and get a contact name for future reference.
•Send your CV when you say you will. Include a short cover note explaining who you have spoken to and a brief idea of the job that you are looking for. Where and approx what sort of salary you will be looking for. Follow up with a phone call (24 hours after sending it) ask about going in to see them and get registered. Be prepared to go in and see the various agencies.
•Arrive 5-10 minutes early. Dressed for an interview.
•Be prepared to answer questions, fill in forms, complete psychometric tests. Allow around I - 2 hours per visit. Some Recruitment agencies may ask you to make a short video of your interview with them.
•Have an idea of what you want to do in the future or with your career and tell your consultant. I meet many people that say “I don’t mind” What we as recruiters hear is “I don’t care”.
•Ask how they market their candidates. It’ll give you an idea of what to expect.
•Follow up call after one week and weekly thereafter. Ask what the market place is doing, more jobs less jobs. At this point Recruitment Consultants may want to get you off the phone – PERSEVERE!! You deserve to be listened too.
•If you can, pick up to 3 local recruitment agencies that you feel that you can work with and keep on at them (weekly)
•Send Recruitment agencies an up to date CV (if you have changed it)
•Don’t ever be rude. Plain good manners are expected from you as well as your recruitment consultant.
•Working with Recruitment agencies in the United Kingdom is totally free of charge for JobSeekers. Make us work for you!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010 New Location Search announced announces new location search facility.

Derbyshire - April 2010

Leading online job advertiser Job Affair Ltd announces that its most recent jobsite development; has launched a “Location” search facility on their site.

Commenting on the recent development Managing Director of Job Affair Ltd Richard Johnson said “From a standing start to a well performing jobsite in under 2 months is an extraordinary accomplishment, we currently have around 2,000 live UK based Healthcare and Medical jobs from some of the biggest names in Healthcare recruitment within the UK. We are also generating a surprisingly high number of applications for such a new venture. As more jobs are getting posted onto the site it is important for us to be able to enhance our jobseeker experience, this new search facility will assist all professional healthcare jobseekers to find their ideal job so much quicker and easier. Currently performing very well within the searches are the areas such as; London, Nottingham, Hampshire and Glasgow.”

About Just4Medical:

Just4Medical is a leading UK based online job advertising service specialising in advertising UK based medical jobs, positions and careers; allowing professional healthcare jobseekers a simple yet effective environment to apply for relevant jobs. Advertising 1,917 live jobs across 22 medical and healthcare sectors from 150 of the UK’s largest recruiters.

Additional information is available at and

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Recruitment UK Group formed

New Google group listed, please join if you are involved in Recruitment in the UK.
Thank you

Google Groups

Recruitment UK

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Google Groups

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Visit this group

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

3 Birthdays this year; 1, 10 and 45 - Hurray!

Imagine the scene, a crisp chilly spring morning on 17th March 2009. The banks have recently disclosed their nasty secrets and the country is bleeding jobs like back in the 70’s. There is a feeling of doom, gloom and total hesitation. A business limbo as I seem to remember.

I’d recently invested in new premises but I had to half my workforce, which left my very faithful part-time administrator and me. Luckily, I had treated my clients well over the last 10 years (Birthday No 3, April 19th 2000(another story)) and they, in turn, were being fantastic with me. I continued in business through 2009, mainly from the temporary market.

With ideas floating crazily around my mind and a little extra time on my hands I stumbled across Twitter.  I think it was Chris Moyles from Radio One that said that Stephen Fry was tweetting about his journey whilst in the Far East.. Sounded good to me!

I logged on. (Birthday No 2, 17th March 2009)

I picked the name @JobRich, I wanted something that would sum me up quickly. My name is Richard and I have a passion about jobs. That seemed to make sense.

Wow, what to do first? I think Stephen Fry was the first person I followed. I remember asking him a question and being a little disappointed that he never answered. LOL!  I followed a couple of local people as well as generally interesting people and had some amazing in-depth conversations.

I had started networking! This was great! Never having been a comfortable networker in the past I was now instigating conversations.  I was learning about things that I had never had access to in the past. I had found an audience along with a true learning source and all things were equal.
As I was here for business! I starting noticing the correlation of using Twitter for business purposes and looked into web tools that others had been Retweeted.

I used / use the following and have put my comments on also.  They are in no order.

·    PowerTwitter - Runs nicely with Firefox  (they’re working on Chrome), user friendly, shows pictures automatically, allows you to copy and paste a shortened url to a weblink, Reweet button.
·    Tweetspinner - Allows (to some level) the management of your account. Purge up to 40 people at a time that don’t follow back (we’ve all been there!) Revolving Bio and url, great if you want to manage a few ideas at a time)
·    TwitterVision  - I could watch this for hours!
·    TwitterCounter - Graphs are easy to understand and make you feel good. Compare followers and following, most popular Tweeters.
·    TwitterFeed - My saviour! Having many RSS links that need to be uploaded, these guys come highly recommended.
·    TwitterGrader An excellent tool for finding people in your geographical location.
·    WebsiteGrader As a newbie on the block with regards to SEO and web business in general, this has been a great source of information that is easy to understand and gives you a tick list for important things to be looked at on your web design.
·    Twitt(url)s A great tool for some light-hearted fun on a Friday afternoon
·    WhatsYourTweetWorth How sad! And always depressing.
·    Twibbon - Nice App for sharing causes, you can join one or create one, I did

There are a few more but most of them are not superstars, they just seem worthwhile to link with for some inane reason. Time will tell.
So as I’m being so honest with you, please let me know if you have other tools that you find useful. Please use the comments box below. Thank you.

Bringing you up to date with my Twitter progress, I have recently been on a mass de-following project. I have looked through nearly 2,000 accounts and have parted company with people that either haven’t tweeted; for 3 months plus, people that love and #ff people too much (it’s all nice but I really don’t have time) people with job streams, (however there are a few choice ones! LOL), automatic streams where you can really tell that these people aren’t really saying those things.

I’ve started to look for quality.

I have lots to give (in my own way) and I have an awful lot to learn still. I have truly thoroughly enjoyed my first year on Twitter and would highly recommend people to enjoy it. But remember it’s not the only tool we have.

Oh and Birthday No 1 was me arriving at a very mature and extremely fun 45.

Monday, 1 March 2010

A recent survey – Do Job Seekers want to see agency and employer jobs on East Midlands Jobs?

With my fledgling UK based Jobboard Empire being added to a few weeks ago with the successful launch of Just4Medical, I found myself looking back to my first venture, East Midlands Jobs. I had a few questions that I needed answering regarding the purpose of this Jobboard. Published in early 2008. I needed to know whether this Jobboard was fit for purpose.
Since its inception nearly two years ago I have been marketing the Jobboard as Employers Only and not allowing agencies to post their vacancies.
I’m glad to say that from the launch there has been many job postings on the site and from some high profile East Midlands based businesses, namely; Next, Punch Taverns, Harlon Laboratories to name a few, but not in the amount that I had been expecting.
Had I been wrong in wanting to create an Employers Only geographically specific Jobboard?
Well, with a fantastic source of information on my door-step, I asked my audience what they wanted.

Of the 541 registered* employers asked, 51% said that they would like to see agency jobs and 49% said that they wanted the Jobboard to themselves. I must note here that 74% of employers, who said that they wanted the Jobboard without agency jobs, had only used the site to post a job once.

The same question was asked of our 2529 registered* Job Seekers.
*Of the total employers questioned 35% responded, of the total job seekers 74% responded.

I also asked my Twitter audience. Of the 19 people (I find it amazing that out of 3100 followers 19 gave me their time, to you I am most humbly thankful) who answered the question, 12 people stated that the Jobboard should have agency jobs and 7 said that there should be a mixture of agency and employer jobs. Unfortunately, I am not 100% sure what or rather who was answering the question and also I had posed a slightly different question to them. Apologises if you took part in the Twitter survey but your input has been a valuable learning curve, thank you.

So, with all this information; what am I to do?

1. I am being told that Jobseekers want more choice; they want to see as many suitable jobs in their local area as possible.

2. Employers can live with agencies sharing their Jobboard.

I think I might know what I need to do for East Midlands Jobs! I can almost hear some Jobboard owners thinking this is old information. All I can say is that I’m prepared to share this information and more as I go through my business trials and tribulations.

It is not having the information that is important, it what we do with the information that is far more important!

Monday, 22 February 2010

What qualifies you to do that?

Last week marked an important step in my journey to create a viable business in the field of UK focused job boards, with the launching of the site being the first in a series of industry and UK geographically specific job boards.

So, what qualifies me to do this?

It’s a frightening question! I know, as it is usually the one I’m posing to the candidates that come and register with us at Ba Recruitment.

Well, I’ve been running my own recruitment business since 2000 and I need to ask the same question with this business, what qualifies me to do this?
I had been working in the accountancy field, mainly for hotels overseas for many years until I decided to change my “life options”. My son was born, (now nearly 13) I decided to give up work and look after him. I did this without too much hesitation, as I had never really enjoyed working in the corporate environment.
After about 3 years I started temping a few days a week to keep my brain up to speed (I have a great deal of empathy for mothers returning to work). Whilst I was temping I saw the invoices for me and was flabbergasted about the amount of mark-up being made and a thought struck me. I knew accounts and I have always been interested in business, it dawned on me, “I could do that!”
In 2000, the birth of my daughter offered a window of opportunity for me to be able to realise my goal. My partner started looking after the children whilst I had three months to prove my worth. With a steep learning curve, which saw me fluffing my way through many obstacles in the early days, I have created a business that is quality and process driven, I have learnt the importance of the self- appraisal. Although not a natural net worker, I have embraced social networking sites including Twitter and LinkedIn, which I have found suits me well. I have been able to create and maintain and prosper in my business by also building a team around me who are well educated supportive, and have passion for what they do.

So what qualifies me for the job ahead?

Well, as it was and still is with Ba Recruitment; Drive, enthusiasm, determination, energy, continual learning, stubbornness, being open to suggestions, getting the right team on board, being aware of costs, pride and inspiration.
There is a quote that I really love and also fits in well with the recruitment sector “Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself, whereas talent instantly recognises genius”

I understand that there is a long, difficult road ahead with the Job boards but knowing this is the case, makes me strive even harder than ever to keep my focus on delivering the best. That and the absolute self-belief that I can create and maintain a no-nonsense, direct service for both job advertisers and job seekers is what keeps me going.

Maybe it’s a good time to ask yourself “What qualifies you to do what you do?”

Monday, 15 February 2010

An introduction

Hello and thank you for finding my blog here.
It's high time I started to document my education and learning and development within my businesses.
So, first of all an introduction. (

I am the Managing Director of Ba Recruitment, a Derbyshire based recruitment business for professional accounts and administration staff.
I am also the Managing Director of Job Affair Ltd, hosting a suite of UK based job boards.

The first trial for the jobboard business is ( this site was built with the idea of allowing employers only to post up their jobs in the local area. is the vehicle that I have created to set-up, develop and manage my portfolio of job related websites, examples of these working websites now include; an Employer only job advertising site and ( an exciting UK based job advertising platform for all manner of Medical jobs in the UK.

There at least I've made myself accessible.