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Sunday, 25 November 2012

She named the brain tumour Steve!

I'd always wondered what it would be like to have 3 in the bed! I didn't think it would be like this. My partner has named her brain tumor - Steve! Not Melanie or Jane, no...Steve! FFS!

The last post on my partner's brain tumour was on Sunday the 7th October 2012. This was just after she came out of hospital having undergone surgery to partially remove said tumour. She has a Glioblastoma multiforme (Wooo, I hear you say?!) to be precise or GBM as we call it in the trade!

I remember the Oncologist saying that when treatment starts that it would be a fast process. They were not wrong!

After coming home from hospital we spent a "relaxed" couple of weeks with my partner improving each day. I helped cut her hair so that it was all short in preparation for one of the possible side effects of treatment which is hair loss. 3 weeks passed by and we were starting to go to the pub with friends, having them round for dinner walking the dog together, you know? The normal things in life!

She started her radiotherapy and chemotherapy both on the same day, Wednesday 31st October, spooky hey? She is a Pagan and we thought the date was cool!

The hospital had everything sorted for the treatments. The next 30 days were planned to the second.

On the Monday before we went to have her mask fitted for radiotherapy. It's a plastic mesh mask that is sculpted for her face. She is to wear this each time she has radiotherapy so that she can't move whilst being zapped. There are 30 daily sessions each lasting about 10 minutes. I sat in the room as her mask was fitted. The supervisor was a great character. He must know that it's a scary procedure but what a great guy! Thanks Iggy!  My partner said that she enjoyed the experience! Weirdo! LOL. After being fitted I casually asked about the mask and the guy said that I could have it. He had read my thoughts. Did I really want it though? A nurse then explained the daily treatment process and the possible side effects. Scary shit!
On the Tuesday we were "invited" to the chemo ward. Chemo tablets for her. One dose every day for 30 days. We were met at the reception and given the tour. Have you ever been to a chemo ward? Wards of people, 8 to a ward. Some of them having chemo intravenously, some coming in for other chemo related treatment, most looking poorly. A young lady was having a walk helped along by who I thought was her brother, they both shared the same height and facial character. She looked really poorly. I remember she had beautiful blond hair but her eyes! The area around her eyes was red as though someone had put lots of make-up on her. She was weak. I couldn't stop staring as they walked towards us and then carried on looking for normality.  I felt immature and naive. I felt out of my depth and really scared! I squeezed my partner's hand. The tour carried on. She introduced us to "Ward 3, the poorly Ward" We didn't dwell on it's implications... The nurse was however very kind. Afterwards she took us into a small room and explained the chemo treatment process; weekly blood tests, weekly meeting with the Oncologist, medicines dispensed by TWO nurses weekly and then the inevitable possible side effects. I shan't list them! When I was given this information my mind automatically went to the worst case scenario. Damn you brain! No pun intended! She also has anti-sickness drugs to take alongside the chemo tablets. She has been advised to take these whether she feels sick or not.

We now carry around a "Get of of Jail Free" card in case my partner needs to go to hospital for an impromptu visit. Any increase in her temperature and we have to go into hospital. Any feeling poorly, sick or general unwellness and we have to go in. We flash the card and get seen immediately. Cool hey? Not!

I was nervous that first day. When you are in a situation like this different parts of your mind make themselves known to you. Positivity and practicality (I am a man after all!) have made themselves known to me. Huggability has been a welcome visitor. Cowardice has also poked its bloody nose in.
We got to the hospital on time and my partner, having taken her first pills earlier went in for her radiotherapy. She came out with slight markings on her face from the mask but she said that she felt fine!

We had made it!

We went home.

She started feeling nauseous and started to vomit a couple of times. I had to phone the Hospital and they wanted us back in. Guess where? Yup! Ward 3! Four hours later and yet more anti-sickness drugs prescribed we were allowed to go home.

Apart from that first day, the first couple of weeks have gone swimmingly! The daily radiotherapy appointment is fairly early in the morning. Usually missing the rush hour traffic but Derby is still a nightmare, especially around Markeaton Roundabout. Locals will know what I mean!

The morning regime is now like a military operation. Wake up 6.15-coffee-take anti-sickness drugs-coffee-wait half an hour-take chemo tablets-coffee-wait half an hour-have breakfast-coffee-go to hospital-get zapped-come home. It's more hectic when my kids come to stay.

We still managed to get to the pub once or twice a week. We got taken out for dinner, went to a friends birthday get-together. Everyone of our friends have been kind and understanding!

No side effects. That was until Monday 19th.

My partner woke up with swelling to her head, similar but not as bad as just after the operation. Her head became itchy, around the scar. After the daily treatment routine we nipped into Ward 3, now thankful for its existence. The doctor was great but as it was not causing medical distress we were sent home. Her hair then started to fall out. Almost as if there had been an internal signal, "No, we can't hold on to these hair follicles!" Shouted the brain. Small clumps. It seemed to happen over a couple of days. She now has little hair on the front part of her head. She has said that she hadn't realised how important her hair was up until then. She used to have long blond hair, sometimes going down to her bum. Wow, she is a stunner! Steve, the twat, has zapped her confidence.

Make no mistake my girl is a fighter. She's 33. Fit! Coor! :) And has a great attitude! We are doing OK!

We went out last night. Very good friends birthday party. We knew all of the 30 or so people there. Great bunch! We were looking forward to going out. My partner went out with a short blond bob wig. She looked beautiful.  We had a great night but I felt a sense of detachment from some. I guess people don't know how to react when one of their friends has cancer. I don't blame them.

This round of treatment will last until 10th December then she has 3 weeks "off" followed by a six month course of higher grade chemo from 3rd January.

Fuck you Steve!!

Friday, 16 November 2012

MusicBacker - The UK Music Crowd Funding Stage

I recently asked a number of social media followers to vote on which domain name they preferred for an up coming Crowd Funding project. The results, as promised are shown below. Voting has now closed. Thank you all those who got involved. I think the answer is obvious...

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Universal Jobmatch

Received this notification today from the JobCentrePlus.

All agencies that use the job centre to post their vacancies will be using the new system from 19th November 2013.

"Dear  Recruiter
Introduction to Universal Jobmatch  - New Recruitment Service

I am pleased to announce that on 19 November 2012, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) will launch Universal Jobmatch, a new free* online job posting and matching service.

This exciting new development will be one of the largest jobsites in the UK, and will save you time, effort and money by speeding up your recruitment process.

From 19 November you will need to post all your jobs online using Universal Jobmatch as it is replacing both the current Jobcentre Plus vacancy management services  - Employer Direct and Employer Direct Online.

By using new technology, Universal Jobmatch can quickly, easily and conveniently match your recruitment needs to a supply of suitably skilled jobseekers.

With your own Universal Jobmatch account you can manage all aspects of your recruitment online and at your convenience.
This includes:
  • placing jobs and receiving a shortlist of suitable jobseekers
  • reviewing the jobs you are advertising
  • reviewing the CVs matched to your jobs
  • selecting the jobseekers you want to apply for jobs
  • explore the number of potential jobseeker matches before posting a job and, receive an anonymous list ranked by best match first.

Jobcentre Plus advisers will provide support to unemployed jobseekers to improve their CVs so that they represent themselves and their skills effectively. This will help to ensure the best matches to your jobs.
Universal Jobmatch will be accessed via GOV.UK
Please see our frequently asked questions for more information."

I'm wondering if the recruitment world as we have known it will now change?

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Domain name research help needed

I need a little help please!
My business partner and I are starting a new venture and we are doing some research on appropriate domain names (and business names). 

Ever heard of Crowd Funding? 

As Wikipedia puts it "Crowd funding or crowdfunding (alternately crowd financingequity crowdfunding, or hyper funding) describes the collective effort of individuals who network and pool their resources, usually via the Internet, to support efforts initiated by other people or organizations.[1] Crowd funding is used in support of a wide variety of activities, including disaster reliefcitizen journalism, support of artists by fans, political campaigns, startup company funding,[2] movie[3] or free software development, inventions development and scientific research.[4]"

Our idea is to initially create a site specifically for the UK Music Industry. A site where bands, musicians and artists can come and upload a project that they wish to fund. This might be their first album, a gig or merchandise. Individual supporters (the crowd) pledge a small amount of money to help fund the project. In return the band offers gifts. This might be; a signed T Shirt, gig tickets, a song written for them or any host of things.

We have shortlised our favourite names and we are now doing some research. 

Would you leave a comment and let us know which one you think is best please?


We are also asking the question on one of our Facebook Pages, so hop over there if you you like.

Prefer LinkedIn?

Monday, 29 October 2012

Recruitment agency for sale

Would you be interested in starting your own recruitment agency? 

I have run since 2000. 
I have now ceased trading due to family ill health. 

Historically, we have concentrated on accounts and admin positions within Derbyshire and north Nottinghamshire but it's easily expandable. The business comes with a fully customised and easy to use Access database of over 3,600 local accounts and admin jobseekers (not all current) and over 1,300 local companies, many with decision maker names, direct lines, email addresses etc. 

Website homepage Google PR 3 with many good quality internal pages. Approx 4,500 page views per month.
All pages are fully editable, this includes interactive pages on testimonials, jobs and the ability to host paid banners and articles.
The business comes with a Twitter account (1584 Followers)
Facebook Page (204 Likes)

If you are ready to start your own business, this will certainly be a great help to get you started. 

Get in touch via the site.

Thank you

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Brain tumour - what it means to me

This post is off subject...
My partner was very recently diagnosed with a brain tumour.

She had been suffering with bad migraines for around 6 weeks, the local GP gave her medications but some of these made her pass out. At one point when the paramedic was called she had a pulse of 30 per minute.

On Monday 24th September 2012 I went to pick up my kids from school, came back home and my partner was face down in the bathroom. I called the NHS new line 111 and spoke to an excellent nurse. The paramedic came after about 30 minutes. By this time my partner was up and about, very confused and not really herself. The paramedic was undecided about calling for an ambulance but was convinced after watching and testing her for about an hour. She was whisked away to the new hospital in Derby. They carried out tests and tests asking me about her alcohol and drug intake. No results there. One doctor mentioned that the only thing they hadn't tried was a CAT scan. 10 minutes later I was called in to see her doctor. "Mr Johnson, you partner has a lesion on her brain  we don't know what the lesion is yet but I strongly suggest that you contact her immediate family!" I thought "What the F#@k!"
They took her in an ambulance to another local hospital the Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham. I was asked to follow the ambulance in my car but they failed to tell me that they were going to be using their flashing lights and zip through all the red lights on the way there. I followed and was thinking that I was going to lose my partner.
Arriving at Nottingham at 3am, I saw my partner, she was very confused. The doctor came along and suggested that the lesion was a brain tumour and that they would be doing an MRI Scan first thing in the morning. I was asked to leave the hospital as I could not do anything for her. I travelled home feeling very alone and scared. No one had mentioned that there was a way forward, no one thought to tell me that there was after treatment. I was devastated.
Getting 2 hours sleep, I contacted all her family. Each and every call I made made me weep with grief. I wasn't handling this very well.
That afternoon I went to visit her and she was a little better. she had gone in for the MRI Scan but they couldn't use the results as she had been fidgeting. Another scan was planned for the following Friday. They had her on a course of steroids which was given to her to reduce the swelling in the brain. The swelling, it seemed, was the cause of the migraines. She slowly got better over the course of the week. She was starting to get quite a few visitors which was a welcome distraction.
Friday came and she went in for the MRI Scan, the results came back at 8.45pm, 15 minutes after visiting time was meant to end. The doctor told us that she had a brain tumour and they were to operate the following Monday. I left my partner that evening even more devastated than when I had initially bought her in.
On Saturday I wrote up my status on Facebook to let my friends, who I had not seen in a while, know the news. My partner is a Pagan and I copied a short healing prayer to accompany my post. The response was overwhelming, what strength I got from simple Comments and Likes, I am indebted to my friends!

The operation was planned for 2pm the following Monday as long as there were no hiccups with previous patients. It's strange that period just before a major operation, I was frightened but wanted to show strength.
They came to get her at 2.05pm.
We waited in the "quiet room" me and her mother. The doctor came to see us just after 7pm. The news was that they had removed most of the tumour but they had also had to remove a large part of her frontal lobe, I had flash backs of "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest". The doctor said that the operation was successful and that he wanted to see her eating and drinking within 24 hours. "Can we see her" we asked with trepidation. "Of course" said the doctor. After 15 minutes of fretful waiting we went to see her. She was smiling and asked for a drink of water. I was amazed to see that she appeared fine.
We went back in to see her the next day and there was a lot of swelling down one side of her face and her eye was shut tight. She was talking and completing all the tests instructed of her by the nurses.
Over the course of the week she improved dramatically.

I bought her home last night. It is now Sunday 7th October.

There will be after treatment, not sure what kind yet. Some sort of chemo or radio therapy. It's been a mad 2 weeks. I am so happy that I was able to bring my partner back home. This has truly been a life changing period in our lives.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Ba Recruitment Ltd to cease trading

We have decided to cease the trading activities of Ba Recruitment Ltd
The effect will take place at the end of September 2012. If you feel that you have any claims please contact us by sending an email

Since the creation of Ba Recruitment Ltd in March 2000 we have enjoyed working with some of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire's greatest employers and jobseekers. We have grown up and been part of the careers of many budding accountants and administration professionals and indeed, helped them through their career paths.

You will still be able to enjoy the resources for both employers and jobseekers on our site.

How time flies. 
Thank you
Rich Johnson
Managing Director

We will be concentrating our efforts on our successful internet advertising business Job Affair Ltd for all aspects of:

UK Job Advertising (free and premium)

CV Database

UK Recruitment Directory

UK Jobsite advertising
  • Sponsored articles
  • Guest blog posts
  • Homepage advertising
Across our network of UK sites we attract over 100k visitors per month.
At any one time we display 1,000's of UK jobs.
We generate 100's of applications and deliver our advertising partners 1,000's of referrals. 

Friday, 14 September 2012

Are you applying for jobs with your old CV?

Yesterday I had an email from someone asking me if I had any vacancies, attaching her CV. I couldn’t offer a job, however I felt I had to point out that her CV was extremely poor, so I offered a free review. The reply was “no thanks, I’ll use what I’ve got”.  She admitted it was an old CV, wasn’t up-to-date and that it could have been better, so it left me wondering why she sent it to me and what other jobs she had applied for.  It also prompted me to write the following article:
I suspect many people when applying for a job will simply send the same CV that’s been on their computer for years, without checking that it’s up-to-date or contains any errors. My immediate thoughts are ‘why?….another wasted opportunity!’ Clients often say to me that they have sent their old CV with a job application while they are waiting for their new CV and my immediate reaction is “please don’t!” Simply sending what you’ve got, had for years and hoping for the best is just not good enough in this extremely competitive job climate.
I cannot emphasise strongly enough that if you are considering job hunting, make sure your CV is completely ready first or you will probably be disappointed. Why let that happen? Email your CV to today for our honest opinion.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Interviews - Research before you go


Find out as much as possible about the company. The interviewer will rightly see your efforts as a sign of commitment. Make sure you obtain clear directions for the location of the interview - and plan your journey.
When applying for a position through BA Recruitment, you will be given company brochures, job specification, web site details, advice and all relevant information relating to the position.

Your CV

Review your CV and make sure you have positive answers if the interviewer wants more detail on the information you have supplied.

Job Description

Read the job specification carefully and think of ways in which your experience would benefit the company and where the challenges would lie for you.

Your Questions

Prepare the questions that you want answered and ask them. After the interview is too late! Always ask open questions, e.g. those beginning: How? What? Which? Where? Why? When?
Consider asking the following if not already covered:
  • How will you assess my performance?
  • What are the longer-term opportunities for promotion?
  • How has the position become vacant?
  • What encouragement is given to undertake further training?
  • How does the role fit into the structure of the finance department, and how does the department fit into the organisation as a whole?

Friday, 29 June 2012

Example of Interview Questions And Some Responses

At Ba Recruitment we want to give you the very best chance of securing the very best role for you.
To increase your chances of receiving a job offer, you need to learn how to confidently and successfully respond to the questions you will be asked.

Listed here are 10 common questions with some comments as to the reasons they are asked and the responses expected. Remember, these responses are ONLY suggestions - do not use them if you feel uncomfortable about them, and try to individualise them, as many candidates will receive the same suggestions!
Practise your own responses before interviews.
Q: Tell me about yourself. The interviewer is really saying, "I want to hear you talk"
A: This is an icebreaker but is a common question so your response can stay the same. Write a script; rehearse it so it sounds impromptu. Spend a maximum of 4 minutes to describe your qualifications, career history and your range of skills - emphasising those skills relevant to the job on offer.
Q: What have your achievements been to date? The interviewer is saying, "Are you an achiever?"
A: Again, this is a common question so be prepared. Select an achievement that is work-related and fairly recent. Identify the skills you used and the achievement and quantify the benefit. For example, "my greatest achievement has been to design and implement a new sales ledger computer system - bring it in ahead of time and improve our debtors' position significantly saving the company £50,000 per month in interest."
Q: Are you happy with your career to date? The interviewer is really asking about your self-esteem and self-confidence, your career aspirations and whether you are happy, positive person.
A: the answer must be 'yes' but if you have hit a career plateau or you feel you are moving too slowly, then you must qualify the answer.
Q: What is the most difficult situation you have had to face and how did you tackle it? The interviewer is really trying to find out what your definition of difficult is and whether you can show a logical approach to problem solving using your initiative.
A: This can be a trap! To avoid it, select a difficult work situation which was not caused by you and which can be quickly explained in a few sentences. Explain how you defined the problem, what the options were, why you selected the one you did and what the outcome was. Always end on a positive note.
Q: What do you like about your present job? The interviewer is really trying to find out whether you will enjoy the things you will experience in the job on offer.
A: This is a straightforward question. All you have to make sure is that your 'likes' correspond to skills etc required in the job on offer. Be positive, describe your job as interesting and diverse but do not overdo it - after all, you are leaving!
Q: What do you dislike about your present job? The interviewer is trying to find out whether the job on offer has responsibilities you will dislike or which will make you unsuitable.
A: Be careful with this one! Do not be too specific as you may draw attention to weaknesses which will leave you open to further problems. One approach is to choose a characteristic of your present company such as its size - its slow decision-making etc. Give your answer with the air of someone who takes problems and frustrations in your stride as part of the job!
Q: What are your strengths? The interviewer wants a straightforward answer as to what you are good at and how it is going to add value.
A: This is one question that you know you are going to get so there is no excuse for being unprepared. Concentrate on discussing your main strengths. List three or four explanations of how they could benefit the employer. Strengths to consider include technical proficiency; ability to learn quickly; determination to succeed; positive attitude; your ability to relate to people and achieve a common goal. You may be asked to give examples of the above SO BE PREPARED.
Q: What is your greatest weakness? The interviewer is a really asking about your self-perception and level of self-awareness.
A: This is another standard question for which you can be well prepared. Don't say you have none - this will ensure further problems. You have two options - use a professed weakness such as a lack of experience (not ability) on your part in an area that is not vital for the job. The second option is to describe a personal or professional weakness that could be considered a strength and the steps you have taken to combat it. An example would be, "I know my team think I'm too demanding at times - I tend to drive them pretty hard but I'm getting much better at using the carrot and not the stick." Do not say, "I'm not a morning person - I'm much better as the day goes on."
Q: What kind of decision do you find most difficult? The interviewer is really saying, "I need someone who is strong and decisive but who has a human side."
A: Your answer must not display weakness. Try to focus on decisions that have to be made without sufficient information. This will show your positive side. For example "I like to make decisions based on sufficient information and having alternatives. When you have to make quick decisions you have to rely on 'gut feeling' and experience."
Q: Why do you want to leave your current employer? The interviewer is trying to understand and evaluate your motives for moving.
A: This should be straightforward. State how you are looking for more of a challenge, more responsibility, more experience and a change of environment. NEVER be negative in your reasons for leaving, and rarely will it be appropriate to cite salary as the primary motivator.

Other questions to consider

  • What do you enjoy about accountancy?
  • This organisation is very different to your current employer; how do you think you are going to fit in?
  • What are you looking for in a company?
  • Describe your career goals?
  • How do you plan to acheive these goals?
  • What factor do you think may hinder your success?
  • What do you expect from your Manager?
  • How do you determine your priorities?
  • How do you deal with people you do not like?
  • What kind of pressures have you encountered at work?
  • Describe the biggest problem you have faced recently and how you resolved it.
  • What changes in the work place have caused you difficulty and why?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • What can you bring to this organisation?
  • How would your colleagues describe you?
  • What is the turnover of your current employer?
  • How do you measure your own department?
  • What do you do in your spare time?


We hope this has given you an insight into the process and preparation involved in making your next career move. If you have further questions or require additional advice, please do not hesitate to contact Richard at BA Recruitment.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Small business boost from Facebook!

Facebook, today, announced that it'll be helping small businesses in the UK by giving them up to £80 in free advertising credits.
What you need to participate:
  1. A Facebook Page for your local small business[?]
  1. Your business must be based in the UK.
  1. Your page will need at least 50 fans [?]
How it works:[?]
  1. Get  £20 in free ads if you have at least 50 fans on your Page
  1. Get  £60 more in free ads if you add 100 more fans​ to your Page during the program
Apply here: Facebook Small Business Boost

Here is my Ad, please Like my Page :)

Hope it helps!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

New Job Advertising features on Great British Jobs

Back in February 2012 I wrote about the new features on our UK Jobsites
Since then we have further improved our features for advertising partners yet again.

For a limited time (what shall we say? Till the end of May 2012?) We will be offering all advertisers FREE access to new features.

So what are the features?

  • Featured Job Listings. When you advertise your job on our site, you are now able to "Feature" that job. Have your Job stand out from the crowd by displaying it within our Featured Job box. We have proved that  Featured Job Listings gain more exposure than normal job postings.
  • JobAffair Network We have now opened up our JobAffair Network for you to be able to cross post your job onto our other Networked JobSites. For example, post a medical job in Derbyshire onto our UK Medical Jobsite List the job as normal. But...wait for it...You are now able to cross post that one vacancy onto the following Jobsites;
    • and more...saving you time and money!
  • New Aggregator sites. All jobs posted on our Premium UK Jobboards now have the extra benefit of having them listed on and along with our stable of great aggregator sites.
When you have opened your free account, opt for the free plan.
Get in touch with me via or and I'll sort you out the free upgrades for you to try.

Happy Job Advertising!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

How to write a Great Job Description

Help and advice on writing the perfect job advert.

No matter what our economy is doing, good candidates are always at a premium, so to find that perfect candidate you must design your advert in such a way that you are selling your company to the candidates.

To maximise your success rate, follow the Ba Recruitment guide to writing the perfect advert.

If you opt for our unique Fixed Fee Recruitment option, when you post your advert online we will always give you feedback about how you could possibly enhance it to attract the right candidates. We will also apply the relevant keywords to the advert so that applicants are able to find your job easily and search engines are able to select your advert before others.

Here is a quick guide to get you going!

Remember that you need to include as much relevant information as possible to attract your target audience; this means company details, applicant criteria and job description.
You should include a salary band and any benefits such as company car, pension, holidays and
bonus etc.
If your vacancy has an OTE, always quote the basic plus the potential income for the first year and if there are any commission guarantees let the applicant know. For example, a role that has a basic of £15,000 but an OTE of £35,000 looks far more attractive if it is detailed that the OTE is the realistic earnings for the first year.
Make sure you concentrate on the people skills that are required and ensure that, where possible, all are listed in the job advert so that you keep suitable applications to a minimum and don’t get hundreds of unsuitable candidates applying. It is far better to have 5 candidates with the relevant skills applying than 50 with the wrong skills.

Get the right candidates interested in your job adverts
Think of an opening line that best describes your company. Stay away from ‘niche’, ‘market leader’ or ‘unique’ - these are ‘buzz words’ that 100’s of companies use to describe their organisation and it can become quite monotonous to the readers. Instead, just briefly describe your company function and keep the description factual, i.e. Brompton, UK is a world leader in manufacturing; based in Norwich, we provide manufacturing services to Europe, Asia and Canada. Our current staff force is over 500 and due to expansion we now seek a new addition to our team.

So as you see, the opening paragraph is brief but it has told the reader about the type of company, where the company is based, its target audience, current staffing levels and why the opening has occurred. A lot of information in a small amount of copy!

Make sure your job title captures the role and again you can make it look far more attractive by being creative with your wording. If you are looking for a Data Entry Clerk you may want to enhance the job title on the advert to say ‘Data Administrator working in Marketing’. This makes the job more attractive to the applicants and guarantees that they will at least read the advert without dismissing it first.

When writing your advert, make it personal to the reader, for example ‘Your duties will include’.
Address the readers as if you were writing it to them personally, think of ways to outline your
company dynamics and appeal, the more you can promote your company in the body of the advert, the better.

What should my advert include?
  • Job title
  • Brief description of company/organisation
  • Candidate specification
  • Qualifications and experience
  • Job description
  • Location and salary
  • And finally...
Make sure your advert is detailed enough, without being too long, and remember the layout and
professionalism are very important to its success; be inspiring with the content and as descriptive as possible.

We don’t normally suggest that your branding is present on the advert because you may get
applicants ringing you directly and asking for information about why their application has been
rejected. We always suggest that if you are handling any rejections these are done strictly in writing to avoid tricky confrontations.

When using the services of Ba Recruitment Ltd’s Fixed Fee Recruitment services (GOLD and Self Service), we do not personally handle the rejection paperwork for you, however with our Fixed Fee Recruitment – PLATINUM service (above) all rejection paperwork is taken care of.

Good luck and happy recruiting!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

My Top 6 Twitter Apps

Not 5 or 10. Why? Because I don't conform, so there!

I use Twitter extensively for business (and personal) infact I have used Twitter since March 2009.

I'm a stingy S.O.B. and I don't like to pay for anything, the versions that I use are all free!

I have used a LOT and I MEAN A LOT of Twitter Apps over the last couple of years, I've spent hours, no! Days on some of them. All in all it's been a great experience. I would like to let you know which Apps I use and why. I haven't been paid (yet) for any of this...

Just to get the story straight from the beginning, this is MY interpretation of why I use these Twitter Apps. This is not a summary of all the features within any of the Apps mentioned.

In no particular order...

Being in the recruitment game, this is a saviour. Upload your job (in my case) feed, via rss, to an easy to use interface. Authorise a particular Twitter Account and "Bobs your uncle!"  We have limited our accounts to tweet jobs at 2 per 30 minutes. Being on Twitter a lot has lead to this. People get annoyed with streaming jobs all the time with little or no interaction.

Oh you little bugger!!! :) Back in Sep of 2011, I was looking for a Twitter App that would send out automated scheduled Tweets (we can't all be awake all the time!) Back in the day (that is how we refer to Sept 2011) this little beauty was called Twaitter. I spent hours and hours sorting out a series of scheduled Tweets to various Twitter accounts. The system continually crashed!  I had spent so much time on this system that I complained. I was amazed that I got a response. It happened again, I got another response. Now, I enjoy good customer service and the very fact that these guys kept coming back to me and helping sort our issues gave me the motivation to stick with them. They have now (seemingly) sorted out their new platform and it is a pleasure to work with. I don't use the full range of facilities but Guys! Well done and thank you! Excellent product.

A very easy to use interface, you log in via Twitter and the system lets you know about a lot about your followers and how they interact. Do they RT a lot? Only post links? No interaction for x number of days? This one saves you time (and therefore money) A great resource and again, thanks guys, excellent product.

Do you want to register a #Hashtag? No? I'm not sure either but I have done, a number in fact #CheckOutMyCV #IamLookingForWork and others.  Twubs gives you the ability to register a hashtag, (is that legal?) create a page, upload rss feeds, website links and tag subjects. The site is a little slow but the SEO is to die for. Well worth the time invested.

Running on Abode Air (Mmm, sexy!) I wanted something other than the web based Twitter and opted for this one. Allows multiple Twitter accounts to view. I especially like this as it gives you the ability to RT your other Twitter accounts. Easily search for trending #Hashtags (I recently searched #Kony2012 and TweetDeck said I was throttling the feeds) LOL! It's easy to use, smooth and fast. Great stuff!

I'm sure there are more but I'm happy to stay with the above for now.

What do you use or recommend?

Thursday, 8 March 2012

CareerTown - The UK Recruitment Services Directory

We have pleasure in letting you know about our UK Recruitment Services Directory, launched today.

It's been a long time in the making but here we are.

As many of you know, I run a number of UK JobBoards. As I have been developing them and doing what little I know of Search Engine Optimisation, I continue to look for quality recruitment related sites to link too. The process seemed to be a long winded one. You link with their site but get no acknowledgement. You spend days and days linking with sites that you never really know will return your link. How often are the sites being viewed? How popular are they? Who knows? (I do use Quirk SearchStatus 1.40 which is a great PageRank tool)

Well, I thought "It's time for a change!. If I can't find what I want, I'll bloody well come up with something myself!"

CareerTown was born!
Submit your link here
Fill in your details, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, EmpireAvenue and Company Blog.
An email comes back to us (just to check it's not spam) and within moments (Monday to Friday 8am - 6pm GMT) We will upload your link.

You can upload any company that has dealings with the UK Recruitment Industry, we have categories from Web Design to JobBoards, from Umbrella Companies to Recruitment Software. If we haven't included your specialist category, ask me! I'll get it changed!

We are already looking at some enhancements on the site. We will have an automatic Recruitment Article section for research purposes and you will soon be able to upload logos onto profiles.

There is limited advertising available (No Google Adwords) Homepage and category slots are available to rent on a monthly basis. Contact us for more details

Please have a look, let me know what you think and if you don't want a link, for heavens sake click on the homepage G+ :)

Remember, it'll be great for your SEO!!

Sunday, 12 February 2012


It's even easier to get a  Unique Facebook Page Name!
You now don't need a minimum of 25 Likes to claim your vanity URL!
Being an avid Social Media user, I recently found out that creating a Facebook Page and Name has gotten a lot easier.
We have recently published our UK Accountancy Jobs site and wanted to  make sure that we had an appropriate Career In Accounts Facebook Page
There are many reasons why you would want a Facebook Page, all of which I shan't go into here!
Step by step;
  • Log into Facebook as you normally would.
  • Go to this page on Create Facebook Page
  • Choose a relevant category and fill in the basics of your Page.
  • Click save.
  • Go to this page on Facebook Username
  • Choose your Username
  • Check Availability
  • And you're away!! :)
  • Remember to update your Facebook Page after this, filling in all relevant information and linking your other social media accounts.

Friday, 3 February 2012

What makes a good temp?

With the economic situation still having a massive bearing on the jobs front, temporary work could be a lifeline, but is it for everyone?

If you are considering temporary work, what can you do to make sure you’re the one Recruitment Consultants think of first when a new assignment comes in? Is temping really for you?

Sell yourself in a professional way to your recruitment agency.
When an agency are looking for a dependable temp, tell them why you are good. Are you flexible? Versatile? Quick at picking things up? Do you have the skills that are required? Easy to get along with? Are you available at short notice?

Sell yourself to the recruitment consultant as you would in a job interview: make a list of your previous jobs and highlight key accomplishments and skills you’ve gained.

Understand how recruitment agencies work.

Picture the scene; A company have a problem, it may be that they have an increased workload, a project that needs to be completed ASAP or a key employee has gone off sick. The want someone with relevant skills to help them. This is where you come in.

Think of yourself as a mercenary!
You have skills that are transferable; you have the experience that would benefit the Company. You have good communication skills. You have the skills that are needed, you are good at creating and developing relationships, you are available at short notice. You can help them!

Be flexible in every way you can!
Flexibility is the key to being a successful temp. It’s not just about being flexible in terms of when you start on a new assignment, either. If you want the work to keep coming your way, you need to be flexible in terms of the rate you’re paid for short term assignments; and the role you have.

How keen are you to get work?
What can you do if, on a Friday afternoon, you find yourself without an assignment or any work for the following Monday? Perhaps you are considering temping whilst looking for your ideal permanent role?
It seems clear that if you go the extra mile to get the work, by keeping in close contact with your consultant and contacting the agency on a regular basis, you’re more likely to be successful in ensuring the money keeps coming in. Remember, be persistence.

Will temping look bad on your CV?
We are often asked about this point. Some people do not want to temp as they believe it will detract from their stable work history. Our advice is to keep on working (if that is what you want/need) Gain more skills, gain more experience on different computer packages and more business sectors. If you have been temping for some time, group your experiences together and list your key skills and experience. Good employers will understand.

What happens next?
Many of the temporary people we work with at Ba Recruitment, we have known for some time. We have developed relationships with people we have found dependable and versatile. However, we are always looking for good people. It’s up to you to develop a relationship with your agency and whilst you are temping a good agency will always keep you in mind when a suitable permanent jobs comes in.

Happy job hunting!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

My recruitment year 2012

The only ones left in the Quality Street tin are the hard toffee ones.
The batteries have worn down and the helium slowly escaping from my Air Swimmer, it's slowly loosing the will to live, becoming shrivelled and tired.
Well, that was Christmas and the end of 2011. "Good riddance" I say.

What happened in 2011?

2011 was for me a Social Media year. It was the year where I found myself hopping from Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn. Trying to be everything to everyone (and not really doing any good at all) Commenting but not being heard. Retweeting till I was tweeted out. Reading so much that my eyes popped but not really taking anything in.
Empire Avenue had me in its grasp for a while. God! What a waste of time.

On the positive side, I now have a plethora of Social Media accounts. Take a look over to the right hand side of this page under "Creating direct encounters" for the list. I guess a good starting point for 2012.

So what's in store for me and recruitment in 2012?

These are my predictions for my businesses for 2012, so please feel free to comment (or shout or scream!)

Ba Recruitment
  • I will be more quality conscious on which assignments to take on.
  • I will get more temporary workers out on assignment.
  • I will become a better recruiter! Meaning that I will listen to my clients more. I will service them better than I have done over the past year. React quickly and find really good people.
  • I will leave the paperwork (which I love so much) and concentrate on the things that are important.
  • I will get more commitment from my clients.
  • I will make more profit.
Job Affair
  • I will give Employers a simple and effective way of attracting better and more qualified Jobseekers. I will give Jobseekers a simple method of searching and applying for their jobs. 
  • I will increase SEO and find more partners to advertise jobs with. 
  • I will come up with a better way to market the Great Jobseekers that register with our JobBoards, see GreatBritishCVs
  • I will generate more from advertising revenues than last year (which was our best to date)
  • Project 98, From a standing start in 2012, I will make sure that we capitalise on these sites. 
  • CareerTown will be published.
In general, I will allocate my time better between my two businesses. Giving the amount of time and attention that they both need so much.

I will spend less time on Social Media and more time servicing my customers.

I am in the very fortunate and I would think unique position in as much as I have more recruitment tools at my fingertips than the average recruiter.
I have a great Recruitment Agency and a successful JobBoard business. By combing the two, I have the tools to reach more jobseekers, generate the best applications and deliver the best service.

Here's to 2012. Let's get cracking!