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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

SwearPig - New website announced

It is with great pleasure that we would like to announce the launch of our new website for SwearPig and can you guess what the name is?

Drum roll...

Website Launch - SwearPig

Yes, I know! What an anticlimax...

Still, as part of our imminent launch we have created a Wordpress site that includes the story of our development from creating a piggy bank from scratch, through to organising the potters and completing the manufacturing process.

We have included a page dedicated to our launch and subsequent auction of a limited number of SwearPigs that will be hand painted some some of the best artists in the UK. These will be numbered and signed by the artists. There is still a way to go as I am due to pick up the moulds tomorrow from Stoke on Trent and deliver them to the potter near to Belper very soon.

If you would like to keep up to date regarding the launch and charity auction, please visit us at

Thank you

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

MusicBacker Versus BoostMusica

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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

General Update and Social Media Contacts

Been very busy with all at Job Affair Towers over the past few months. Here is an update of all the interesting things that have happened recently.

Firstly we are thinking about changing the name of the limited company. Job Affair doesn't now reflect our diversified nature of e-tailing and advertising. Not sure about the details of a new company name, I guess we'll see how the new projects take off and then decide.


Our locally designed, handmade in England, unique piggy banks. It was my plan to fully invest in the capital expenditure of the brand in 2013. This was accomplished and by December 2013, we had had the Piggy Bank designed, had the model handmade in Stoke on Trent and had the block and casings all completed. 
In December 2013 we received 3 sample Pigs that have had a great reception when researching into local retailers. In February 2014 we gave the ceramicist the go-ahead to complete the first mould (which should give us around 50 Pigs). We have also ordered the first batch of packaging boxes. 
Not 100% sure of the timings for the first batch of finished Swearpigs but we will keep you updated.
Our web address will take you to our Facebook Page until such time as we have our new site up and running.

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Crowdfunding for UK Music. Support The Music You Love! 
We've come a long way with this baby! Currently in BETA testing to iron out all the creases. As you can imagine, there is lots of "behind the scenes" work going on. Personally, I have been tasked with testing  and at the same time coming up with the extensive #Help menus. We are currently looking for testers to help us. If you enjoy nit picking and have a good eye for detail, get registered on our site and have a look around. Let us know if you find missing links, spelling mistakes. You know!? Once we have made sure that the basic elements of the system are working and are secure we will go live with this so hopefully not long to go. 

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Great British Jobs
Currently listing over 18,000 live UK jobs from some of the country's top employers. Our unique position with this site is that we actively promote the jobseeker via our social media channels. This means that jobseekers are given the best exposure across our sites. Free job posting accounts are available. This site is linked to 14 of our sister UK jobsites also and cross posting of all jobs is available free of charge. Contact us to see how we can best help you advertise your jobs.
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